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Bright Starts
Bright Starts Pretty In Bouncer

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Bight Starts Bouncer, handy to have around


The Bright Starts Pretty In Bouncer is handy to have around, but I wouldn't say it's necessary. I think it depends on the baby, but ours is only interested in it occaisionally. It hasn't been an effective soother, more of just a seat to put her in when it looks like she's going to fall asleep anyway. The vibration is nice and the songs are also sweet as well. The volumne is fine and it doesn't take up too much space. While the top piece looks like a handle, it shouldn't be used as one, because it always comes unhooked, so definitely don't try to pick it up by the top piece, especially when the baby is in it! The two dangling toys are cute and my baby likes to look at them, one has a mirror that is fun for the baby to see. It is comfortable and has an easy to use snapping belt for saftey. Also, if you want to use it as a "bouncer" you have to be there bouncing it manually. All in all I'd say it's nice to have around, but it has never been a lifesaver.

Newmarket, NH


My daughter loved this bouncy seat.


I received this bouncy seat as a baby shower gift before my first child (a girl) was born. It is a good bouncy seat, but if I had been making the purchase myself, I would have bought a more gender-neutral bouncy seat. But, that being said, the bouncy seat is great. It has a song and vibration box attached to the base, but my daughter never really took to those. The songs are plinky and the vibration really only appealed to her the first week or so. But I do love the depth of the bouncy seat. We propped her up a bit when she was a newborn, but the depth and width of the seat was perfect for months. The safety belt is quick and easy to attach and the fabric was easy to clean. I will confess that we don't particularly enjoy putting it together. Luckily you really only have to do that once (per child). The song box is so hard to attach and the fabric is a little hard to pull over the song box. But, once it is all assembled, we just love this little bouncy seat. But really, if you're planning on having any more children, just get a gender neutral one now, and save yourself the hassle later.

Henderson, NV


My daughters favorite toy so far.


My daughter is one month old, and is just now starting to tolerate toys and bouncers and stuff like that.  She has a swing, this bouncer, and a glider.  This is by far her favorite so far.  It is only like twenty bucks, so you can't really go wrong with this in my opinion.  It reclines so a small baby can use it as well.  It vibrates and plays music.  The only drawback is the music does not stay on for more than a few minutes.  You have to keep turning it back on.  The toy bar is removable, and has links that are interchangeable with other bright starts toys and links.  so far she is only a month old and not at all interested in the toys, but as she gets bigger and more interested in them, I am glad I can change them out so she can enjoy them.  The batteries seem to have a long life as well, I have not had to change them yet at all and she has been using it a few weeks.  She often falls asleep in it.

Crocker, MO


Bright Starts Pretty In Bouncer

4.3 3