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Bright Starts
Bright Starts InGenuity Automatic Bouncer

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Great gender-neutral bouncer


I love this bouncer! It wasn't difficult for my husband to put together at all. I love the fact that it bounces on its own and plays music. The fabric on the seat is super soft and plush, unlike some other bouncers I looked at. The hanging characters are cute, and my son loves staring at them. All in all, it is a great product that I would recommend for anyone with a new baby.

Hornbeak, TN


A Good Bouncer


My wife and I received this bouncer as a baby shower gift, and it has seen some use since our daughter arrived. She likes to be bounced and rocked, but this does not have enough bouncing action to keep her occupied for long periods of time. It is good for times when she is calm and we need to set her down for a second or if we want to sit down and play with her without holding her. The bounce action is not very hard, and my daughter barely even seems to notice it. She won't sleep in it. I like that it is inclined so that she's not laying down. There is a belt that keeps the baby in, but we don't often use it. It's not a product meant to hold a sleeping baby, but rather for a baby to sit by themselves while a parent watches. I wish I could plug it in. It takes D batteries and I don't see a reason why it can't be plugged in to a wall. We don't move it very much. Overall, it's a good bouncer if that's what you're looking for. 

Fredericksburg, VA


InGenuity Bouncer could be better.


I received the Bright Stars InGenuity Automatic Bouncer as a present. Putting it together was quite the project,  it took me and a friend almost 3 hours to assemble. I felt like it could have been simpler. Once it was together although, it was a great looking piece. I liked the head support and the swaddling cushion that could be removed for older babies. It was also a nice perk that this bouncer actually bounced instead of just vibrating like most other models. It has a lot of different speed settings to choose from and they are easy to read. I liked the fact that there was also music. My son didn't like to sit in this bouncer unless the music was also playing. It has an automatic shut off feature, where after a certain amount of time it automatically shuts up. For us thats good and bad, because It saves battery power, but sometimes it turns it off when I'm doing dishes or something and still want it on and upsets him.

Chapman, KS


Bright Starts InGenuity Automatic Bouncer

4.0 3