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Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Bouncer, Neutral

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bounce away the day


My newborn loved this bouncer from the first time we used it! I am so impressed with the quality and durablity of this bouncer. It was so easy to assemble, It only took me a few minutes! The pads are easy to remove and wash. The pads come out of the wash looking brand new. The support pillow is perfect and really keeps my baby's head from moving around. It is also great that it is removable for when the baby gets a little bigger. The three point harness system is perfect for keeping the baby from sliding out. I feel safe leaving him in there whle he sleeps. It is such soft and durable fabric. The non-slip feet on the bottom bar are so nice to keep it from moving around or sliding when bumped. We really love this bouncer!

Springville, UT


Not Stimulating Enough


I know there is a lot of emphasis on not over-stimulating your baby, but the Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony bouncer is at the opposite end of the stimulation spectrum. The fabric and hanging shapes are so neutral and bland that they didn't captivate my baby's attention at all. The only way I was able to get my son to remain in this bouncer for more than two minutes was to attach other bright toys I had purchased to it. I thought the bouncing feature would be soothing, but it's hard to know which setting to select to get the maximum bounce and I think the vibrating bouncers I have purchased previously for my older sons were more soothing. I like that you can select between nature sounds and music, but the music is incredibly boring. The ocean or cricket sounds are usually what I select for my son. The toy "bar" tha hangs over the bouncer detaches too easily. There have been a couple of times I had to move the bouncer from one room to another and it slides right off into my had. This is a paind when I have baby in my arms as well. If I had to buy another bouncer, I would stick with the vibrating chairs that are more stimulating. I can't believe this product was too boring for an infant.

Bangor, ME


Best bouncer out there!!


We have been using this bouncer for 5 months now and my son still loves it.  I love that it has auto shut off so if you forget to turn it off it does it by itself.  Super easy to wash and he is so comfortable in it!!!

Patuxent River, MD


Nice bouncer for good price


I bought this bouncer for my upcoming boy, the white color looks clean and decent. It is quite easy to assemble. Tooks less than thirty minutes for my husband to put it together. We haven't tried it on our baby, since it is not born yet. :P But we tried it with some toys, it is very cute. Music and motion both works well. The only little thing is that we can hear some small white noise on the background. I have searched online and it seems normal for this kind of products. Some one says that it might be helpful for the baby to sleep and some even says it was intended for this white noise. Anyway, it is not unbearable. Compare to the other product, like swing, the price is very reasonable and affordable. I would recommend it to my family and friends. Though it would be nice if there are more colors to choose from. I haven't tested the battery yet. Would be interested to know how long the battery lasts.

Seattle, WA


Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Bouncer, Neutral

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