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Bright Beginnings
Bright Beginnings Soy Toddler Pediatric Drink

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Great drink for toddlers with soy allergies!


Our son was three months premature and has lots of issues associated with that. One of the main problems he has is that he is very very small for his age. Almost three and still only weighs about twenty two pounds. We tried to put him on whole milk and pediasure and also kid essentials when we found out quickly that he had a severe milk allergy. When you have a very small child and severe food allergies iat the same time it makes for a very difficult delimma. One of his therapist recommended bright beginnings soy to us. We bought some and he will drink them happlily with breakfast lunch and dinner. Which is great! My only issues with this formula is that it does not have as many calories as you would get from a typical box of pediasure or boost kid essentials. Course it is made with soy tso I think that is probably to be expected. The smell is very very almost sickeningly sweet. We have only ever bought it in vanilla but I think that is does come in Chocolate and strawberry as well.

Gladewater, TX


Aesome for toddlers with milk allergies or intolerances


I use Bright Beginnings Toddler Soy Drink in cans for my 5 year old instead of Pediasure. he can't have milk due to a caesin allergy and found this was the only other product out there with soy for adding calorie's to help him with nutrition. Some states, not Colorado, offer this as a WIC product.

Colorado Springs, CO


Bright Beginnings Soy Toddler Pediatric Drink

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