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Brigham Young University - Independent Study

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Great Experience!


I needed some classes to complete my BS degree and I looked into several online degree programs. I found one of the classes that I needed at Brigham Young University in their Independent Study program and took it several years ago. I really cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it was! Everyone I spoke to from application to completion of my course was extremely helpful and very pleasant. The professor who supervised my course was very nice and gave me excellent feedback when I needed it. I did not miss the classroom experience at all, let alone the commute to and from class several times a week in the middle of winter! It's also important to note the Brigham Young University is accredited so any courses you take there can be transferred to other schools if needed. While I did not go through a complete degree program at Brigham Young University I was very pleased by the entire experience and would highly recommend it either for a single course or a complete program.

Vernon Rockville, CT


BYU-Online is outstanding!


I have taken a couple of courses online with Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. One of them was to complete a Physical Education credit I needed to graduate from high school. The other is the one I am taking currently for free online called Fmaily Life: Essentials for a Functional Family. The course I took on Physical Education was very informative, I learned a lot and it was easy to take. I enjoyed taking the class and it was also affordable. I like that the credit was good for both high school and college credit. The instructor was helpful and available when I needed him. Although it was easy, it was challenging but I learned a lot from it. I passed with a good grade and got the credit I needed from it. As for the course I am currently taking, I enjoy it very much and have been learning a lot about it. First of all, it is free. BYU - online offers several classes online for free. Some of these classes include, basic arithmitic, organ, foreign languages as well as some classes on spirituality. The class I am taking is fun, I am learning so much from it and I have been able to apply what I learn to my life. My sister is going to sign up for the basic arithmitic class to help her on her G.E.D. test. Therefore, BYU-online is and can be very useful for many people of many ages and circumstances. I would definately recommend this school.

Phoenix, AZ


Brigham Young University - Independent Study

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