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Bridgestone Potenza G 009 Tire

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The quality of this product is horrible.


I bought these tires a few years ago because the price range wasn't astronomical and they looked like good sturdy tires. To my dismay after putting these tires on my car I immediately noticed that the smooth ride I was accustomed to was gone. These tires caused my vehicle to have a bumpy ride and the tire tread did not last long either. After about a year I had to get four brand new tires because the tread was gone and the tires no longer held air. I have had bargain brand tires that have lasted longer than these tires. When there was snow or even water on the road I would start to slide with these tires. The Bridgestone Potenza G 0009 Tires simply do not have any traction because of the bad quality of tread upon them. Without proper tred on these tires I had absolutely no control on the roads. This caused safety issues while I was driving with these tires and as a mother my biggest concern is safety.



Good Tires - If you Like Concrete


I searched for tires and read all the reviews on many sites to figure out what I wanted.  I had it narrowed down to 3. I picked the wrong one if you like a smooth ride!  I have a limited choice with the tires I can get for a 1996 Camaro.  I picked these because I really liked the tread design and the long life.  They are not cheap - but not the most expensive either. Supposed to be a 50,000 mile tire - and they may be that - I have only had them 6 months. They are great in the rain and handle very nice on dry pavement. There is no excess noise that you get from some tires. The minute I drove out of the tire store - I could tell a difference. A difference that I didnt like at all.  ROUGH ride! Now I know a Camaro isnt the smoothest ride in the world - but it was like night and day! Living in Ohio - the roads are not the greatest and I feel EVERY bump in the road, like it is a HUGE crater!  I have more rattles in my car now from these tires than you would have in a car that was 40 years old!!  That was one thing in ALL the reviews that no one seemed to mention.  I know exactly what Fred Flintstone felt like driving the Flintstone Mobile.  Concrete Tires!!!

Massillon, OH


Bridgestone Potenza G 009 Tire

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