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Bridgestone - Firestone Destination LE tires

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Firestone Destination LE-unhappy owner-will never own again!


I purchase a 2009 Torrent in Sept of 09.  The car came with these Firestone Destination LE tires.  Well... In November, the driver's rear tire was punchured by a cardboard box staple.  Fixed it and am told by the tire dealer, that it is the 3rd Destination tire with less that 10,000 miles on it that he had repaired that day. Then, 2 days later, same tire blows-out from another site on the same tire at a speed of 65 miles per hour.  Immediately stopped car(sidewall completely shot and tire smokes for 20 minutes), have to get new tire, with less than 8,000 miles on this car!  No tires available-manufacture's warehouse completely-out. Why is the warehouse completely out?  Are there alot of other poor suckers out there that had to replace one or more of these tires?  I wait the 10 days for possible delivery/ still no tires available. I am told, it could be up to 8 weeks or more before these tires are available, Meanwhile, I'm driving-around on a spare, with NO SPARE.  Now, a winterstorm is upon us.  10-12" plus blizzard conditions. Bridgestone/Firestone-again you have created a mess (do you remember- the EXPLORER?).  You create a soft tire, then you can't deliver replacements.  Shame on you!!  I will NEVER own another Bridgestone/Firestone product!!   FYI/  I purchased a new set of Goodyear Wrangler tires. 

Blue Grass, IA


Bridgestone - Firestone Destination LE tires

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