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Sugar Free
Breyers - Sugar Free Ice Cream

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not the healthy choice you think it is


You can never go wrong with Breyers. Quality is what this brand stands for. The problem with the "No Sugar" line of ice cream is that it isn't good for you. Instead of sugar, this line of ice cream flavors has sugar substitutes. The sugar substitutes may confuse your body because it doesn't recognize them as food. In most cases, when your body doesn't recognize a food because it is not natural, it doesn't know what to do with it and can turn it into fat. Wouldn't it be best to just monitor your intake of sugar which your body is familiar with?


Virginia Beach, VA


A rich creamy ice cream without any sugar.


Breyer's Sugar Free Ice Cream is the best sugar free ice cream on the market. You can definitely taste the difference from real ice cream, but it doesn't have an awful after taste like so many other brands do. It comes in a few flavors including all the traditional ones like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.




Does not taste like sugar free


Of course Bryers ice cream is a staple at most homes.  Having two diabetics in the family, we often eat sugar free desserts. Many sugar free products have a funny aftertaste and just do not quiet measure up to sugared treats.  Breyers sugar free ice cream is delicious and it is hard to believe it doesn't contain sugar. I am the only member of the family that is not diabetic and the sugar free is so good that I eat it as well.  I feel like it is better for me than the ones with more calories so it is a guilt free treat for me. There are not as many sugar free flavors as the regular Bryers ice cream, however, there are quiet a few choices.  The favorite at our house is the double strawberry.  When our local grocery store has buy one get one free special I stock up.  It is a good value and less expensive than some other ice creams but great quality.  I love this product but wish they would come out with a few more flavors.


Angier, NC


Breyers - Sugar Free Ice Cream

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