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Ice Cream
Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla

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Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla ice cream - Thank you, Breyers!


Ice cream is one of my top 5 favorite foods.  It's right up there with melted cheese...As a matter of fact, anyone who knows me at all will tell you that I consider ice cream and melted cheese to be food groups.  There's a hitch to this plan, however...I'm lactose intolerant. Thank goodness for Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla ice cream.  It's 99% lactose free.  For me that means that I can eat it by taking just one lactose pill.  You may be able to eat it without the pills -- You'll just have to try it and see. Breyers Lactose Free ice cream is rich and creamy, all natural and contains real vanilla bean flecks.  I contacted Breyers twice, requesting a lowfat, Splenda-sweetened lactose-free ice cream.  They said that they've had quite a few requests and are considering it.  Maybe eventually they'll introduce more flavors as well. Getting tired of the vanilla?  Jazz it up with Hershey's Syrup Lite [http://www.viewpoints.com/Hersheys-Syrup-Lite-review-e0d310][1]  with 50% less calories and sugar! Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla ice cream - 99% lactose free, rich, creamy, and all natural.  It just might be possible for you to eat ice cream again! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Hersheys-Syrup-Lite-review-e0d310

Madison, OH




I have been lactose intolerant for all of my 30 something years. Without any knowledge of this product, I decided to give it a try. It is fabulous! It holds up to it's lactose intolerant claim! For the first time, I can enjoy a milkshake without any of the side effects. It is creamy and delicious. You would never notice a difference in the taste. A product worth spending a little more for.

Fort Lee, NJ


Creamy Vanilla


I love the taste of ice cream and for those people who want a lactose free ice cream, **Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla** is a great dessert.  It contains all the rich and creamy texture of regular ice cream without the lactose.  I love that this ice cream is composed of all natural ingredients and doesn't taste artificial.  It has a sweet taste of vanilla and you can even see small dots of real vanilla bean inside each scoop.  Each serving is about 130 calories and tastes delicious.  It's healthier than other ice cream brands and has a great flavor.

Las Vegas, NV


Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla

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