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Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL Food Processor

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You won't regret the purchase of a Breville Food Processor!


I had my eye on the Breville Sous Chef Food processor from the moment I read that it was the very top rated food processor on Consumer Reports and after I read about everything it can do! Whoa!! Let me tell you!! This food processor is the only way to go. I have had a Cuisinart food processor and a mandolin slicer and the Breville just tops all. It can do EVERYTHING! I have made veggie burgers, black bean brownies, baby food, chopped, sliced, and diced veggies for salads, etc. The result has been perfect - everything mixed or pureed to perfection! It comes with a large 16 cup bowl and also a small 2 cup bowl that fits inside the larger bowl. It's great to have the choice between a large or small bowl. The safety on this thing is amazing!! It will not start until the bowl is on the base correctly and the lid and plunger thing is correctly in place. Also, one of the slicing discs has a dial that you turn to adjust the thickness of whatever you are slicing. This disc also has a 0 or safety setting so you just dial it to 0 when it's time to wash it and store it and there is absolutely no risk on cutting yourself. This is so nice because if you have ever used a mandolin slicer you ALWAYS have to be so careful to not hurt yourself (those things are scary). It comes with a separate accessory storage box where all the blades, slicing discs and spindles are stored. This was a great idea - everything that comes with the food processor is clean and neatly organized right where you can find it when you are ready to use it. No digging through drawers with frustration trying to find the part you need. The Breville Sous Chef is really a beautiful appliance as well. If I had enough counter space I wouldn't mind leaving it out on the counter at all times. I love to cook and enjoy time in the kitchen. I now have two young children to care for and don't want to sacrifice good quality home cooked meals so anything that makes food preparation faster is a blessing. My time in the kitchen is much more enjoyable and easier now that I have a Breville Food processor. If you have the money and enjoy cooking, get a Breville. You will not regret it!!

South Weber, UT


Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL Food Processor

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