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Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven BOV800XL

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I would recommend this product


Love this oven to warm up sandwiches, frozen food, even to cook (ex, Cornish hens, etc.)

Jacksonville, FL


Basically replaced my conventional oven


We got this as a wedding gift and we use it every day. It's basically replaced our conventional over for everything other than thanksgiving turkey at this points. It can cook everything from a small chicken to a frozen pizza, to just plain toast. Heats perfect and evenly. When we are using the big oven for a complex meal, this is the perfect second oven or toaster or even broiler. And it's so much more energy efficient. One of my favorite features is that the controls light orange when the heating element is on and they stay lit white until the unit has cooled to a safe temperature to touch. Great safety feature. This is probably the most used tool in my kitchen!

Chicago, IL


Great addition to the kitchen


This oven has changed the way I work in my kitchen. It has replaced my microwave entirely and I rarely use my regular oven. This model, the BOV800XL is definitely extra large.There is enough room inside to cook a 12 inch pizza to perfection. The oven has nine different settings for whatever you try to throw at it. For each different setting, there is a different baking rack height required, so conveniently on the glass door, they have printed each setting at each respective height so that you always know where to set it. I recommend doing this prior to starting the oven to make it easier on yourself. The oven uses different heating elements in the oven to direct heat to your food from different angles in the oven, depending on what you're heating. Even Heating You set what type of heat setting you want, so you know it's going to cook it properly. Read the manual first for a briefing of what settings to use for what food if you're not sure. Safety Oven turns off when timers goes off, so it doesn't get accidentally left on. Ease of Cleaning Heating elements on the bottom of oven get in the way of being able to clean it super easily, but they're high enough off the bottom of the oven that you can get a cloth underneath to clean it out. Durability I've had this oven for 6 months now and use it almost daily and I have not noticed any differences, still works great



Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven BOV800XL

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