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Breville Panini Press

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If you love hot sandwiches then look no further


This sandwich machine is the top dog. It makes the most amazingly tasty paninis that you have ever eaten. I think it makes better sandwiches than the ones you can buy at a delicatessen. They are that good! Performance It works very well. I have had for about a year and it still works like it did when I took it out of the box. I had a Presto sandwich machine before this one and almost bought another Presto but the sales person talked me into this Breville. I can't thank this person enough as it works a lot better than my Presto. It cooks the sandwiches so much more evenly and faster. Durability It is highly durable. Should last me for many years to come. Ease of Cleaning It is so incredibly easy to clean. Just pour some water on it and sponge it off with soap. Has a no stick coating so it is a joy to clean. Ease of Use Even my dog could use this! So easy to use. You'll need no directions on it. Just turn it on and throw in your sandwich........and voila, a wonderful Panini is made a few minutes time.

Groveland, MA


Great press but a Bear to Clean.


We like the even heating but fight over who gets stuck cleaning this mess. Performance Nice even heating with a variety of settings for different needs. Some foods require extremely hot and some slow even cooking. This panini press works great for pancakes and has a heat setting to accommodate even high heat across the pan. For thick bread sandwiches and cheese the low setting works great to heat evenly through and melt the cheese and heat the ingredients without burning the bread. Durability Sturdy and has lasted a few years of moderate use. Ease of Cleaning Get out your toothbrush and paper towels. The griddles do not come off for ease of cleaning as other brands do and you end up with a greasy dripping mess in difficult to reach nooks and crannies. As you clean it drips down on the counter. Ease of Use The lid height adjusts for any width bread or item.

Lake Elmo, MN


Breville Panini Press is easy to use and well made


I received the Breville Panini Press indoor grill as a bridal shower gift and I don't use it a whole lot, but when I have, it's been very simple to use and easy to clean. I haven't used it for paninis, but I've used it several times as a grill, for fish, pork chops, and veggies. It's especially useful for veggies since we don't have a mesh pan for our outdoor grill for grilling veggies. I also like this grill because it grills from the top and the bottom at the same time, so food cooks a little faster. It also has a non-stick surface, so it's pretty simple to clean up and just wipes clean (no scrubbing). The only weird thing about this appliance is that there's no on/off switch and the blue "ready" light is kind of difficult to see unless you lean over the top at a certain angle.

Honolulu, HI


one of the best sandwich makers!


My husband got the Breville Panini Press after our old sandwich maker broker (literlly broke in two!). This one is a huge upgrade compared to our old one. It was really cheap, yet it heats up quickly, it makes sandwiches nice and thin, and best of all, it's super easy to clean. I've had panini makers that took more time scrubbing than it did cooking. Here, you can simply use a wipe and it cleans off all the of stains. I have never cooked a meat sandwich with it yet, so I can't tell you whether grease stains from meat are hard to clean. I also like that the panini press can work when it's opened (it grills one side) or closed (it'll grill both sides), although that may be dangerous near children. I do which the plug length was a little longer, though.

New York, NY


Yummy Panini's Come from Breville


I bought this panini press for my husband for Christmas from Williams Sonoma when it was on sale. What a great buy! It is very easy to use and clean. It heats up very quickly. It has the option of adjusting the thickness of the sandwich. It's not very large. I can only fit two sandwiches at a time. It takes a while to make lunch for all 8 members of my family, but the end result is worth it. It has a beautiful stainless steel exterior. Although I only use it for sandwiches (so far), it can be used as an indoor grill on meats and vegetables. It's a bit heavy, but manageable to carry. It does not have an on/off switch. I'm not too crazy about that. The only way to shut it off is to pull the plug from the wall. I don't like doing that, but there is no other option. The quality of Breville products is amazing. I'm very happy that I chose to buy this panini press as opposed to other cheaper ones at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Redwood City, CA


Breville Panini Press BGR200XL: Grilling/panini-ing made easy!


When looking to upgrade from our prior Panini-maker, we wanted one that (1) was truly non-stick, (2) had multiple heat settings, and (3) was easy to clean. The Breville Panini Press BGR200XL is all this and more. **How to use:** Wait for the surface to heat to your desired temperature ( you will know when it's ready when the green light comes on). Simply slap on any meat, veggies, sandwich etc. without spraying any cooking spray..and wait and watch.**** **How to clean:** While the surface is still hot, wipe down with a wet towel...and that is it! **Why I love it:** - Easy to use - Versatile: Not just for sandwiches, we use it to grill meat and veggies as well - Easy to clean: The surface is at an angle (most panini-presses are flat). This helps the residue fall into the detachable drip tray rather than on my counter. - Worth EVERY penny: I cannot rave enough about it's convenience. No matter how lazy/tired we are, we have stopped eating out as much; we have no excuse to slap something on our Breville Panini Press for a quick easy something. The Breville Panini Press BGR200XL has been a great addition to our kitchen--simply love it!

Chicago, IL


Breville Panini Press

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