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Breville Juice and Blend

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A bit on the pricey side


I only give the Breville Juice and Blend a nine out of ten because the price just seems outrageous. It is a great machine and does an excellent job of juicing, but I just do not feel it is worth the extra money. You can get a comparable one for almost half the price. It is super noisy when you use it, but I do not mind that, it is the people still asleep that have a problem with it! It is nice that it comes with a pitcher that is not attached also. You do have to put it on an angle to get the juice out, but it works fine with minimal spilling. The pulp setting effectiveness is amazing because there is always almost no pulp in the juice which is just the way I love it. Just be forewarned that there are a few parts you will have to scrub because they are always going to have pulps stuck to them. Other than that it is pretty easy to take apart, clean, and put back together. Versatility/Number of Features It just juices.




This juicer is amazing!


This Breville juicer does a great job juicing veggies and fruits. Very easy to use, and works very fast. It is amazing how much juice can come out of one apple. I have used another juicer and it did not work as well as this one. The pulp left over from what I juice is pretty dry, so I know that it gets every bit of juice it can get out. This juicer is kind of loud when you are using it, but that is a small issue compared to all the good it does. I do not mind the noise, but some people might. The Breville juicer is also very easy to take apart and put together again. Very easy to clean too. I usually rinse it out right away and then wash it later. No small pieces with hard to reach areas to clean. I always hand wash it and I never have issues. It is a little on the pricier side, but that is the only negative I can come up with. I really love this juicer, and my three year old daughter loves when I use it. I think I will always stick with Breville juicers if I were to get another one day.


Chino, CA


Best Glass of Juice I Ever Had


Ever wonder what plum juice tastes like? Well you can find out with this juicer. I feel like Jack Lalane as I throw stuff into this juicer and it comes out tasting so delicious (provided you have enough sweet fruits). I use kale, strawberries, plums, oranges, and apples fairly regularly with this machine. It can handle all of those and turn it into something so much better than could be found at the grocery store. It's nice to have such a convenient pitcher to fill, too. Even though you have to get it on at an odd angle, it very much helps reduce leaks as the juice flows through the channel into it. There are only two issues that I have with this juicer. The first, which is probably inherent in any juicer, is that there is a massive amount of pulp leftover. While the machine comes with a recipe book, it has almost nothing in the way of ideas for what to do with pulp. I wish that it did. The second issue is how quickly you have to clean the spinning grater thing. If the fruit you're sticking in is fibrous, plan on scrubbing that thing a couple times or you've got a lot of spatter! Pulp Setting Effectiveness I like pulp. This juicer leaves very small amounts of pulp in the juice so I sometimes scoop some out and add it to my glass while I let my kids enjoy theirs pulp-free. Stability While in Use This is a high quality juicer--it's not going anywhere! Ease of Cleaning Again, very annoying to have to get out the brush and scrub that disk so often. Durability Most of the parts can go in the dishwasher! This is a well-made machine! Versatility/Number of Features This does exactly what I need it to do--make a great glass of juice. Design It's a pretty machine, but there's so much to it's footprint, it gets stored when not in use.


Roseville, CA


The Breville Juicer makes juicing fun and easy!


The Breville Juicer/blender is amazing! This juicer's easy and quick assembly make it the perfect juicer for the working professional. The clean up is effortless which is often the hardest task with juicing! Blending Power Very good blending power! Smooth and quick! Versatility Large enough to juice firmer fruits and veggies...yet takes up very little counter space. Ease of Cleaning OMG! The cleaning is the best feature of this juicer! It is quick, simple, effortless! Ease of Use Very easy to use! simple directions - just snap it together and GO! Design Very user-friendly design!


Detroit, MI


Breville Juice and Blend

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