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Single-Cup Coffee Makers
Breville Gourmet Single-Cup Coffee Brewer

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A true joy for the coffee lover who likes variety


Used this coffee maker as a guest in my brother's home. Loved it and now want to buy one. Brew Performance Excellent coffee Ease of Cleaning I have not cleaned this machine. Ease of Use It is quite easy to move from ground coffee to the pre-measured cups. The coffee maker comes with a small canister and scoop for putting in ground coffee if that is your preference (I think freshly ground tastes best.) But if you want the convenience of just popping in a coffee capsule, this couldn't be easier. Design The top opens up and there is a tray for the scoop used for the ground coffee. It is out of the way, yet right at your fingertips when you need it. Looks great on the kitchen counter. Nice design. Durability So far, so good!



Good one cup coffee machine


This is a great coffee machine, has several sizes to choose from, though I choose the second to biggest in brew size because the size options are pretty vast in difference once poured. I love how fast it brews and the ease of cleaning and refilling. My only complaint is that I had to return the first one because the motor seemed to slow down after 3 months of use. When I called to complain about this issue, I was told to clean out a small valve that could have been clogged. So I returned it for a new one. I've had this one for about 1 year now and no problems so far. Brew Performance A problem with brewing with the first machine, but not with the second.

Topsfield, MA


Amazing Machine!


This is the best coffee maker! I was a bit skepitical and this machines ability to make a decent cup of coffee when I first received the machine. I was soon convinced that any and every coffee drinker needed this machine! Not only does this machine work very quickly, it also makes one of the best cups of coffee that I have ever had, and it does it time after time. It is also very user friendly: add water, pick a k cup, press brew and thats it. Within a minute or so you get an awesome cup of coffee. I also love the fact that I no longer have to waste my time or money making a whole pot of coffee. Before i got this machine I made countless pots of coffee that went to waste when no one drank the coffee. Now everyone can pick their favorite coffee evertime!

Palatka, FL


Quality coffee, fast


I won this coffee maker in a raffle at my company.  It's one of the best prizes that I have won.  To make a cup you just insert a k-cup into the holder, choose your size and press brew.  After the cup isa done brewing you just throw out the k-cup and enjoy your coffee.  There is very little maintenance.  If you choose to you can use filters.  These need to be changed about every 2-3 months (depending on how much you use it).  When I change the filter I also wash the water resivor.  The easiest thig to do is to buy k-cups and then simply dispose of them after you make your coffee, but you can also use a re-usable k-cup where you just have to replace the coffee grounds after every use.  Besides coffee they also offer k-cups to make hot chocolate and tea.  The coffee maker keeps water hot.  This is why you can get an instant cup of coffee.  The coffee maker can be set to turn off during the night and to turn on in the morning to save energy. 

Franklin Square, NY


Best gift I ever recieved!


I LOVE my coffee, I need it to get my day started but I am an 1 to 2 cup a day drinker.  Since I am the only coffee person in our home, I wasted a LOT of coffee......It is next to impossible to brew just a couple of cups and have them taste right.  That is why I love my Kuerig so much.  My dad purchased it for me last Christmas.  I can have my cup of coffee in the morning, hot tea at night and the rest of the family can enjoy hot chocolate.  The individual servings are affordable and the variety paks are great.  I cannot say enough good about this product.

Ooltewah, TN


Breville Gourmet Single-Cup Coffee Brewer

4.8 5