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Breville Commercial 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

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I purchase the 800ESXL model, 3 or 4 years ago after searching online for a reviews on a reasonably priced Expresso machine. It has serve me well for the time being, but few weeks ago out of no where it stop functioning, on a Saturday while we had guess. The previous day it was working great and first thing you know is the next day it's gone. I brought it to a local service centre and they asked me 255$ + taxes to fix it, I mean that is almost the price of a brand new unit. This machine was making the best coffee ever, but in all the Expresso machine I owned, it's the one that had the shortest life span. The average life of the other brand I owned where 7- 10 years with out any repairs. I'm going to try to find the parts online and fix it myself otherwise, I'm going to get another Expresso Machine, I cant say if I will buy a Breville again. I'm going to spend a bit more on the next Expresso machine. I had regular coffee machine that were purchase for less than 50$ and never failed. I know that Expresso machine can cost thousand of $$$ and are like Ferrari's, but I never owned a Ferrari and had cars that lasted many years, without costing the purchase price to get fixed.

Montreal, QC, Canada


Beware of faulty machines


I have to give this machine such a low rating because I usually love Breville products, but we had some issues with this particular model. We originally loved this espresso machine. We used it with ground espresso and also with pods and at first the espresso came out great even time. After a few months we noticed that the pressure was changing and the shots were coming out super quick. Eventually it got so bad that no matter what we did, everything that came out was disgusting. We returned the machine and exchanged it for the same model. Our second machine was faulty from the start and the pressure was never right. We called Breville and exchanged it for yet again another machine. Our third machine had the same issue, so we returned and instead decided to go with another brand (Jura...which is AWESOME). Hopefully Breville has fixed the issue by now and is again making quality products, but our experience with this machine was not a good one. Brew Performance As noted earlier, the pressure dropped and stopped working altogether after a short period of time Ease of Cleaning Comes with tablets for internal cleaning. Rest wipes down easily enough Ease of Use Not as easy as a super automatic machine which does all the work for you, but easy if you know how to pull a shot. Probably not best for espresso novices. Design Beautiful looking machine. Looks great in any kitchen Durability Breville makes all their machines built like a tank, but its the internals that are iffy.



Amazing Espresso


I have not been fortunate enough to own this, but I have access to one at work. I really love the features of this machine. There are so many options for various beverages. I can customize them to the exact specifications of my local coffee shop for a fractions less. This machine is very durable and has lasted our company 2 years with use daily by multiple workers. There has not been a performance issue to date with it. Its an attractive unit and the only complaint I would have is the learning curve required to use it. Since it has so many functions, it takes time to perfect your beverage.

Charlotte, NC


Breville Espresso Maker looks nice and produces a great drink


We have owned the EXL 800 Breville Espresso Maker for about one year now and still like having this appliance.  It is fairly easy to tamp the grounds to make either a one or two shot espresso. I have made several lattes and cappuccinos with the steam function.  I do not quite have the process down of how much milk to use yet, but I keep working at it!  It can be a little tedious to clean the steam wand, but not so bad that I am not wanting the machine or will quit using that function. The wand dispenses hot water as well, and we have used this to make instant regular coffee (such as Starbucks' via) or to have a hot cup of tea. This model also has the cup warmer on the top, so you have to remember to not set anything on top of the machine if you leave it on. The water tank is simple to fill and cleaning everything else is not bad at all.

Auburn, IL


Works Amazing, but only when it wants to...


My boyfriend loves "cappos" so much, that he was basically keeping our nearby coffee chain in business. I tried his "cappo" one day and almost spat it out... It tasted like dishwater. I could not believe that he was paying that much for... that. I decided that if we bought a nice espresso machine that it would pay for itself within the first month. We decided on this one. It worked wonderful. It makes the best "cappos", although it may have to do a little with the fabulous espresso I found, but it really does work well. Very nice frothed milk and excellent crema. Every once in awhile, the internal pump starts running by itself, even if the power is off and it pulls all of the water out of the tank and puts it in the reservoir. Fine, unless the reservoir is almost full, then the water goes all over the counter. Easy fix, we will just unplug it when we are not using it. Then it decided it would work like a champ for the next couple of months. Now, we have had this a little over a year, and its starting again, but worse. Now, in the middle of steaming the milk it wants to pull all the water in the tank out and where does it go?? In to the milk.... not good. So I figure, even if this lasts a bit more than a year, it is still way worth it, even if we have to get another one soon. Overall, it is very easy to use, makes a wonderful Cappo and saved us a bunch of money! Well worth it in my eyes! Now the only time we go to the coffee shop is if we are out of town!

Winston Salem, NC


Quick Espresso Machine for home


This incredibly stylish and modern espresso machine features a thermo-block heating system and 15-bar Italian-made pump that dispenses impeccably tasty brew. Additional hot water function is perfect for tea and other hot beverages.Commercial swivel steam wand with stainless-steel frothing attachment 2.2-liter illuminated water tank can be removed from the front and rear. It accommodates extra-large mug and cup heights. It includes custom-designed tamping spoon, cleaning tool and stainless-steel frothing jug. It does stop automatically when unattended while frothing milk. This machine is useful for one serving only.You can save 75 percent of the starbucks coffee shop. You must use espresso coffee ground which should be grinded smoothly. It will take longer  make hot coffee. It will always be messy and requies alot of cleaning after each use. Making espresso at home is better quality and more tasteful than any coffee shops.

Havre De Grace, MD


Breville Commercial 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

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