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Breville BCS500XL Single-Speed Handheld Blender

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I was not impressed


It's great if you are too lazy to beat scrambled eggs yourself. I find it slow and useless. Not comfortable in the hand. Heavy and clumsy to use. It gets clogged up right away if you try to add anything other then liquids. It was a gift and I felt ripped off. Blending Power Blending power is almost non existent It is slow and sluggish. It is not good at so many things I wouldn't know where to begin.. Versatility Versatility of this machine...good question. I find it is only semi good for liquids. Things like milk and eggs are okay but as soon as you add sour-cream it starts to get even slower then it is to begin with and shows signs of struggle quickly. Ease of Cleaning Considering it has only one blade and one shaft you might think it a breeze to clean. Oh no. Not at all. The blade area can not be opened and the blade can't be removed so you are always trying to get out the food from the small crevices around the blade. This machine is a joke. Ease of Use The design is wrong from beginning to end. It is too thick for a woman's hand to hold comfortably. It gets hot quickly. Vibrates so much your hand gets tingly and numb. It gets clogged and jams quickly so you are always trying to free up the blade. It is a kitchen disaster. Design Too fat at the hand grip area. Poor design for access to blade area so that good cleaning is almost impossible. Although black is stylish, this machine is not a great addition to any kitchen. Durability This machine gets hot rather quickly. I need to turn it off and wait for it to cool down. It vibrates horribly. Clogs up fast.



Breville BCS500XL Single-Speed Handheld Blender

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