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Breck Salon Essentials
Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo

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Breck Conditioning Shampoo is nothing special.


**Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo** is a misleading product. Its usage of the term "conditioning shampoo" is completely inaccurate and the fact that this is a "Salon Essential" is a farce. This is bargain basement shampoo. While not a horrible product, this isn't one I would spend any money on. Effectiveness I've giving the effectiveness category a 3 because while it does clean my hair as a shampoo should, it leaves my hair feeling like straw until I put conditioner in it. It does not feel like a conditioning shampoo as the bottle implies. Scent I am not crazy about how this product smells. It smells like a combination of grandma and drug store lotion like Jergen's or Vaseline.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Breck Conditioning Shampoo was a pleasant surprise.


I recently used Breck Salon Essentials at my exercise club, on a day when I had forgotten the shampoo and conditioner I normally use. Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo gave me a really nice surprise and I never thought that another hair product would ever perform nearly as well as the products I normally use.Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo left my hair soft, manageable, and smelling great. I found that it was relatively free of tangles and that this conditioning shampoo allowed me to easily comb my hair after washing. If there is a negative to Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo it is that it made my eyes sting and water slightly, where my usual product does not. Otherwise, this conditioning shampoo is a good one. In my opinion, Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo meets all the qualifications that I would be seeking in a shampoo in an inexpensive category that is, nevertheless,  outstanding in its ability to cleanse, soften, and condition hair.

Phoenix, AZ


Breck Salon Essentials Conditioning Shampoo

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