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Breck For Kids Moisturizing Body Wash ~ Grape Berry ~

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Great Scent and Great for Kids


I really love this **Breck For Kids Moisturizing Body Wash ~ Grape Berry ~** because it is wonderful in the bath and shower for kids, but also for adults.  It was such a pleasant surprise to find this product on sale nearby, because the scent alone sounded worth trying and it was.  The scent is a mixture of fresh summer berries and grapes and smells delicious.  Almost like the scent of grape soda and berries which is indulging in the shower.  The formula lathers up well and the fragrance lasts.  I like that it rinses off cleanly and doesn't dry your skin.  This is a great product for kids because not only does the scent appeal to everyone, but it really cleans and refreshes, so it is good for adults too.  The formula is really mild and gentle, so this is great for even those with sensitive skin.  It is soft on skin, so it doesn't cause skin to become dry and tight and the lather rinses cleanly away everytime, leaving only a pleasant scent.  This is a great product for kids in the bath, but also an invigoratiing body wash for adults.

Las Vegas, NV


Smells yummy and is fun for the kids.


I have lots of different body washes for me, but the kids don't want to use those!  They don't want to smell like flowers or perfume.  And they're also past the age of wanting Sesame Street body wash, so when they saw the Breck body wash just for them in the bathroom, they actually got excited to take a shower!  Imagine that! The grape body wash smells yummy, and it lathers very nice.  When I have this in the house, my six year old spends extra time in the shower.  (I think he washes the tub with it too.  LOL) Oh, and the price is very reasonable too!   

Jacksonville, NC


A mild moisturizing body wash made especially for children...


I have plenty of body washes but none were gentle enough to use on my children.  Being six and nine years old, my boys are too old for the baby washes and Bubble Bath products seemed so harsh.  I finally found **Breck For Kids Moisturizing Body Wash ~ Grape Berry ~**.  It was the perfect solution. **The Body Wash**  This kids body wash is moisturizing, gentle and mild.  It is enriched with Vitamins A, E and B5.    **My Experience** This moisturizing body wash is mild and gentle on my children's skin. They have never developed a rash or any other negative effects from this product.  The body wash lathers up nicely and smells great.  The fragrance of Grape Berry is one that my kids love.  **My Final Thoughts**       **Breck For Kids Moisturizing Body Wash ~ Grape Berry ~ **is an inexpensive, effective and quality product that I recommend and believe it deserves a 5 star rating.

Somewhere in, NY


Breck For Kids Moisturizing Body Wash ~ Grape Berry ~

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