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Breathe Right
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Breathe Right Nasal Strips EXTRA

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I would definitely recommend!


I received a sample and have bought these before their amazing for anyone who snores. I personally dont snore but my spouse does, and once he put it on before bed then fell asleep. I wasn't woken up or disturbed during the night he didn't snore once. So I would definitely recommend 100%.


Houston, Tx


Bedroom Savers!


Breathe Right Strips are relationship savers when it comes to bed time! The Breathe Right Brand is the only brand we will ever use! They have multiple styles and sizes depending on what concerns you are looking to address. Breathe Right Strips can help for more than just snoring. They provident short term relief of nasal congestion, due to allergies, common head colds or nasal surgeries. The only thing that you don't want to do is try to put the strip on without washing your face before or when you're ready to take it off- hold a warm wash cloth on top for at least just a minute! My fiancé has really bad sinus problems which causes his to snore. I always end up feeling the the bad guy because I was constantly tapping him trying to wake him up so he could roll onto the other side. We tried a handful of different products to help stop snoring from sprays, room diffusers, to specially designed pillows. Nothing seemed to really help and any relief he was lucky enough to get didn't even last half of the night. When we finally came across the Breathe Right Strips of course he was skeptical about trying them but fortunately he was still willing to try it out and we haven't looked back since. Side Effects Rating: 10 perfect - No side affects at all




Breathe Right tries to reinvent itself. WHY?


  **Original Breathe Right Nasal Strips** have settled my husband Pal and me down for at least a half dozen years.  We each have our own issues.  He snores and takes unintentional time out with breathing because of sleep apnea.  I have a nose which loves to close up shop when my allergies are really bad. The apnea is dangerous.  The allergies distress and disturb sleep.  And regular old **Breathe Right**s have done the trick.  The **Breathe Right** even accommodated some readjustment if one of us applied ours a little too high or too low. Now comes **Breathe Right Extra**, a heavy-duty plastic version that looks like a cross between a Milkbone and a butterfly.  It is wider than the original and has four *distinct* points of contact.  (See photo above.)  Directions mention washing the nose area to remove any oiliness.   The directions are complete with illustrations. Pal and I each tried an **Extra**, positioning the longer edges of the "butterflies" lowest on our noses.   Each of us had to get used to placing the new design.  The **Extra** doesn't favor any repositioning of its four contact points as we soon found out.    At no point on the outer edges of this opaque **Breathe Right Extra** is the adhesive wider than a quarter of an inch.  (Yes, I measured.)  In each of our cases, the adhesive wings eventually acted too *much* like springs.  The only glue that held mightily was that portion over the top of the nose, and that took a fair yank to get off.  I removed my **Extra** after three hours of sleep, with both wings finally popping up. Obviously, we found the **Extra**s less reliable than the original for a long night's staying power.  Application proved a little fussier.  We might do better if we practiced some more with a box of 26 **Extra**s.  For now, though, Pal and I are staying with the original **Breathe Right**.  Unlike the **Extra**, it comes in sizes that suit us and accomplishes its purpose well enough. 


Los Angeles, CA


Breathe Right Nasal Strips EXTRA

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