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Breathe Right
Breathe Right Nasal Strips - Clear for Sensitive Skin

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love the breathe right strips


that season is coming upon us, fall.  in the spring and in the fall i can count on having seasonal allergies.  one of the ways i help with the symptoms of allergies is by using the breathe right nasal strips.  they are awesome.  they come in several sizes and counts.  when i go to bed at night, i put one nasal strip on.  they are very easy to put on.  they really do work.  they open up my nasal passages so i can breathe and my husband does not have to hear me snore all night long.  when i get up in the morning, i just peel it off in shower.  sometimes, i do have a hard time getting it off easily, but i have found that if i just wait a couple of minutes in the hot shower, it helps.  breathe right often puts out coupons in the sunday paper, so i use them to help defray the costs of the strips.  however, the money i spend on the breathe right nasal strips is worth it to me if i can get a good night's sleep!  i would highly recommend the breathe right nasal strips.


Edmond, OK


Great product for Nasal Allergies or snoring!


Let me say that I first bought these for me until my husband stole them! He uses them every single night and can not go to sleep without them! I use them some, but not as much as him. I think at some point he might need Breathe Right Strips Rehab! LOL. From what he tells me he can not breathe good at night unless he is wearing them. From when I have worn them they not only open your nasal passages, but also help with snoring some how. Everyone might not have that effect, but they work for that on us! Besides..... who couldnt deal with a little less snoring in their bed? It is amazing how they actually stay on all night and you never have to worry about them coming off unless you want them off! LOL. I would tell anyone who has trouble getty a stuffy nose when they go to bed or really anyone who just wants better night breathing! They are for all ages and you can even buy them in the kids sizes too for when those nasty colds set in!


Cleveland, GA


breathe right nasal strips


  These are a grest idea, but they don't work real well for my hubby. He still snores like a chainsaw and the wakes up with skin off his nose. If the big dummy would shave the bridge of his nose it might nit pull the hairs off....good grief! I can see where the open the nasal passages and I have tried them personally when I have had a stuffy nose. (I had no need to shave my nose hairs) but the crazy thing didn't stick to my nose all night. So my question is"Do you need to have nose hair for these things to hang onto, and if so how do you keep the skin on your nose". That seems to be my delimmna with these. I think they hav potential, but I think they need a little more work to be more efficient. Or maybe my family is just weird! I would definitely give them a try, because I do know people that are satisfied with them and for the price it is worth a try. I can't prsonally recommend them unlesscthey change the adhesive.


Seguin, TX


Wonderful drug free relief!


I suffer from nasal congestion that has bothered me for years so I have tried every kind of sinus medicines, allergy relief, anything I can find to help me sleep at night and finally decided to try the Breathe Right nasal strips and am very happy that I did! While the price is a little higher than I would like to pay, in the end when I look at how much I would spend on all kinds of pills without as much relief as I feel when i have the Breathe Right nasal strips on the price is really well worth it. Also it is an all natural way to take care of my sinus congestion problem , who knows what all the different medicine's really have done to my body. It is a wonderful product that really helps me get a good night sleep. I also have used these for my kids and they really love them and like not having to take any medicines! the one thing you have to be careful of is that you make sure you thoroughly wipe your nose where you will be placing the nasal strip or it will not stick also make sure your fingers are clean!!




Breathe Right Nasal Strips - Clear for Sensitive Skin

4.0 4