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Crib Bumper
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BreathableBaby Padded Mesh Crib Bumper

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Safe and cute crib bumper option.


Like most safety conscience parents, I was always looking for the safest options for my little one. A crib bumper is no exception; I knew the traditional crib bumpers were not safe and looked for a better choice. We could have gone "bumper-less" but I liked the finished look of a bumper on a crib, also I didn't want by baby to have any stuck limbs between the crib slats. I found the Breathable Mesh Crib Bumper by BreathableBaby and was sold! I loved that it came in a variety of colors to easily match any nursery decor. Once I made the purchase and brought it home I needed to figure out how to put it on the crib; this was a bit tricky but was nice it came with detailed pictures and directions. I really liked that when the bumper was on the crib that it was really tight with no gaps between the crib slats and bumper. I felt safe having by baby sleep next to this bumper. As my baby got older we did have to remove the bumper because my little one would use it to climb on; good bumper while it was needed.

Grafton, WI


BreathableBaby Padded Mesh Crib Bumper

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