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Break Pal

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Reminds me to get up every once & awhile


I was recently given the chance to try out Break Pal, a program that encourages fitness and mental wellness throughout your work day. Break Pal is a widget that is downloaded onto your desktop (works with both PC & Mac) and reminds you to exercise throughout the day. When you get a reminder, you'll also get a 3 minute workout to do. Some of the exercises can be done right in your chair, while others require you to stand, but only use a small amount of space. I know that blogging and going to school requires me to sit - a lot. I often end up with back pain and Break Pal has helped me sneak in quick workouts throughout my day which helps me stretch my back and keep it from straining. I think that using Break Pal in an office as a workplace health program would be an easy way to get people involved and keep them healthy. I know that Break Pal has also kept me mentally sane since sometimes I lose track of time when sitting in front of my computer, especially on the weekends. I love Break Pal. I think it's such a great tool for anyone who works in an office all day or sits in front of their computer frequently (yes, I'm talking to all of my fellow bloggers out there). Break Pal is free to sign up for and also has membership upgrades for more perks!  


Salt Lake City, UT


Break Pal

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