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Breadman Pro Bread Maker

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What a great product!


I never thought baking bread could be so easy! I have fibromyalgia, so kneading bread dough is very difficult for me. I used to avoid masking homemade bread. Now, with my Breadman, I make bread all the time. Nothing says home like the smell of fresh baked bread. I also use it for making dough for pizza, cinnamon buns and dinner rolls. Very useful item. I keep a spare just in case this one ever breaks. The spare comes in handy at holidays when I bake more items at a time.



I'm a guy and I love this thing


I love this thing! To be fair (and honest) I wasn't sold on it at first. Who needs a breadmaker? Everybody, every store, everywhere sells bread. Like I need to? No, I don't, but I like to. All I needed to buy was yeast, I had everything else in the kitchen. Then, bam, bread. Or pizza dough. Or whatever. Pizza is my favorite, not because my homemade ends up better than delivery, not by a long shot, but it's cheap and easy and fun. Just follow the directions in the little technical manual that comes with the Breadman and you're good to go. The only minor complaint I have is the noise. It takes at least an hour to mix everything up and while it's doing that the machine makes whirls and clicks as the rotators work their magic. It's noise but it's not noisy, more like it's distracting. Worth it though, totally. It's just fun to make your own bread.

Washington, DC


The MrBreadman machine is the BEST ever. It's easy and simple.


I always loved the thought of "Baking", but was never good at it. But my family loves breads and cakes. After watching a preview, I thought okay I 'll give it a try. Well, I've been making bread, since the first day it arrived. I LOVE! this machine. Just follow the easy instructions , which is just adding all the stuff in order, just like the instructions say. And thats it! It's unbelievable. I can't believe I made this all by myself. Okay, my husband did read off the ingredients to me lol which are few. Just add it, set it, and forget it, It's amazing! Even the clean up is, really No Clean up lol. Can't believe it! But it's TRUE!

Hempstead, NY


Awesome Bread Machine: Consitent, fantastic, fun!


We have had the Breadman Pro TR900S Bread Machine for 3 years and have probably made 300 loaves of bread, as well as tons of pizza and calzone dough. The results are consistent and always a hit. There are tons of programming options and it comes with a great recipe book. I have not ventured out to use recipes from the internet and always stick to the provided recipes. I highly recommend the Pumpkin Loaf and I add some whole wheat flour to the mix and as with most of the breads that I make I add tons of cinnamon, raisins, craisins, walnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds. When I make Whole Wheat Breads with fruit, I use the Fruit setting, but allow the whole wheat flour to "soak" for 30 minutes before turning on. The pan is fairy easy to clean but be careful if you are having trouble getting a loaf out, the pan scrathes very easily. I use a plastic spatuala and it will come out like a breeze. For french toast bread I take the dough out and cook it in a loaf pan so that the slices are not so large.

Largo, FL


No replacement parts available!!!


If I could have gotten a replacement pan for my **Breadman Pro** breadmaker, this review would have a completely different tone. I bought this model in October 2006, it was my third machine. I make all my own bread and make about 3-4 batches of bread each week. This machine has been a champ! It has worked hard for six years and I've never had a problem with it--until the pan wore out! I contacted the manufacturer to see if I could purchase a new pan and was told that they "don't offer replacement parts for this model." Boo! Hiss! Now I have to get rid of a perfectly good bread maker and buy a new machine just because the little gear at the bottom of the pan wore out? Bad bad bad customer service, Breadman. This is taking planned obsolescence too too far. I've already made sure that the manufacturers of my new machine offer a replacement pan. p.s. After hours and hours of research, I've decided I'm going to buy the**** Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker ****next time.******** ********

Louisville, KY


The Breadman Pro is really a Pro!


We bake bread about once a week in our Breadman Pro Bread Maker. The machine comes with a recipe book that contains a variety of recipes. All of the recipes are very simple to follow; you basically just dump all of the ingredients into the bread maker, and the machine does all of the work! It is so nice to be be able to leave the bread maker alone for a few hours and then have a wonderful loaf of bread to eat afterward. The loaves of bread come out great-looking, and we just love the taste of homemade bread! I also love this particular model because it makes loaves in a rectangular shape (not circular), which are easier to cut and also look more like store-bought loaves of bread. The machine itself is stainless steel, which makes it visually appealing as well. It is not too expensive either, and it is worth the money paid. This is an excellent choice for bread makers.

Hebron, KY


This bread machine is amazing!


I absolutely love my Breadman Pro! I received the Breadman Pro as a Mother's Day present two years ago.When I was a stay at home mom. My family was missing their loafs of bread. I cooked bread by hand all the time. Now that I am working I use my Breadman Pro all the time. The bread turns out just as if I would have made it myself. The loafs turn out nice and soft with just a little crunchy to the crust. The instructions were very easy to understand and the recipe'sare easy to follow. So easy that my five year old daughter can make the bread also. All I have to do is measure the ingredients out. I usually make fifteen loafs for the holidays by hand but this year I am definitely using the Breadman Pro. We have not had a bad loaf yet. I would definitely recomend this product to my friends and family.  This Bread machine is perfect for a busy family on the run or for a family who wants to visit with family instead of being in the kitchen for Four hours to make bread.

Waco, TX


Breadman Pro Bread Maker

4.4 7