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Breadman Plus Bread Maker

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Breadman Plus is awesome!


I love my Breadman Plus. It has a insert that comes out for easy cleaning. I have made awesome breads and dough for pierogies.  It has a timer which is right on the money. Bagels come out awesome too. I would not use anything else.   


Dover, DE


Satisfied with Breadman Plus Bread Machine


My inlaws handed this bread machine down to us when they purchased a nicer one. We have not had another bread machine, so we don't have anything to compare this one too. Because it is an older model, we don't have the original instructions and just use an old booklet of recipes handed down to us. The machine works well. We mostly use the recipes that are just dumping ingredients and pushing the button. I don't feel like using complicated recipes with the bread machine, since that defeats the purpose in my mind. Realize that if the power goes off, or the plug gets accidentally unplugged, the bread will be ruined. As far as I can tell, there is no way to continue baking once the cycle has been interrupted. I'm not sure if other machines are the same way. This machine is also HUGE and takes up a huge a footprint on the counter. It can be tricky to clean this machine and we have found that crumbs always fall into the body of the machine and need to be shaken out. If buying a bread machine again, I would probably look for some easier features and would love a back-up battery to prevent power outage disasters. Overall, this machine is satisfactory.


Irmo, SC


bread was poor quality


This machine was very difficult to use when adding ingredients. The pans are not big enough. Did not mix the ingredients to the right consistency. No matter what yeast we used if didn't raise the dough. It seemed that it didn't give the right amount of heat needed to raise the dough. When baking the loaves were hardly ever the size they should have been.


Portersville, PA


Breadman Plus Bread Maker

3.3 3