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Bravetti Toaster Oven

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This product is the best toaster oven I've ever purchased!


I purchased this product from one of the t.v. shopping channels. I don't remember which one.  However, I do know this:  This product is absolutely wonderful!  My mother and I use it every day and love the way it works.  Because it is a convection oven, it cooks everything quickly and evenly.  As well, we can roast, broil, and toast in this oven.  I believe, for the amount of money which we spent on this item, that we got a fabulous deal.  Even it was more money, we would be just as happy with it!

Van Nuys, CA


Like a mini-oven on the counter top!


I was given the Bravetti Toaster Oven as a gift. The first thing I noticed was how far toaster ovens have come since I was a young, single girl, living in my first apartment. The one I used to have was basically a toaster oven, used to make toast, which was more of a pain than just throing some bread in a toaster! It did make a mean grilled cheese, however. But, the Bravetti Toaster Oven does so much more! It really is like having a mini-oven. I use it to bake, when I don't feel like pre-heating my oven for just four muffins, or to cook up frozen french bread pizzas. Being somewhat of an amateur in the kitchen, I haven't tested out the many other functions this toaster offers, but I can see by all of the settings that they are available, should I suddenly have an urge to actually learn to cook (not likely.) In the meantime, I continue to use my Bravetti Toaster Oven for small baking jobs, warm up jobs, and of course, we can't forget, the timeless grilled cheese sandwich!

Howell, MI


Bravetti Toaster Oven

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