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Rechargeable Electric Shaver
Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor

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Surprisingly good!


This electric razor has met and exceeded my expectations. A close comfortable cool shave and I have not experienced any skin irritation. This is a quality product that I expect to use for a long time and if it does eventually wear out I will have no problem spending money on a new one. Highly recommended by me!




Amazing shave everytime


I received this shaver as a gift this year and am quite pleased with the results I have been getting each time I use the shaver. At first my face did take a couple of days of getting used to, but having mild sensitive skin, I found that rarely did I have rashes or breakouts that could occur with regular razor shaving. The kit comes with a nice travel pouch that I use often when I am on the road. The cleaning dock is rather efficient at preparing the shaver for next use. It does not take long to charge, as most of the time a full charge is ready in 15 minutes for about an hour of shaving time. Highly recommend this shaver to all my friends and coworkers. It may be expensive when compared to other shavers on the market but the quality and precision that you pay for is well worth it in the end.




Completely disappointing - not as good as cheaper Braun models


I purchased this VERY expensive Bruan Pulsonic shaver thinking that, for the price, it would provide me a better shave with fewer strokes than other shavers that I have used.  I bought into the "pulsonic" concept and thought it would help. But I am extremely disappointed in this shaver.  I have found it to take MORE strokes to shave than with a less expensive Braun model or a Remington that I had.  In fact, I have found it almost impossible to get some of the under the chin hairs with this model.  The unit needs to be cleaned after pretty much every shave to have any chance of getting those hairs. "You get what you pay for" is not applicable to this product.  I was really hoping for the next step in shaving technology, finally a better shaver.  But unfortunately, despite my hopes, this was not it.   


Mission Viejo, CA


I have bought Brauns for 15 years and it's all I use.


I have used Braun razors and will continue to use Braun's razors.  The are the only electric razor that has been able to shave my beard closely and trim it also.  The only downfall is the battery life, my first razor quit charging soon after the purchase but continued to work with the A/C adapter provided.  My second razor's battery lasted for about 2 years but the razor lasted alot longer even under the poor conditions I used it in.  I have now just purchased the newest Braun and have had no problems at all with it.


Indianapolis, IN


Good shave, expensive price


Purchsed this shaver to take place of my Braun Syncro.....4 years old and still going stong.  I have used Braun shavers for 15 years and bought into the hype of the Pulsonic......am not ecstatic about the results, as it shaves no better than my syncro.....even with an older bladeset on it.  However, it does cut through "old growth" a little quicker than the snycro, and the charging / cleaning base is much improved over the syncro's.  I have shaved with the pulsonic for about 3 weeks now, with no improvement in the shave.  It takes longer than my syncro, and is not closer at all.  To say it is on par with the Syncro is inadequate...it just plain doesn't do as well.....will most likely be going back to Braun, to get replaced by a Panasonic Vortex?????


Slidell, LA


Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor

3.8 5