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Braun MultiQuick Professional MR 6500M 15-Speed Handheld Blender

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Wonderful quality and speed


I have this Braun Hand blender for the longest time and absolutely love it! It works quickly and neatly to puree my food into the smoothest of consistencies. Unlike some of the cheaper brands, I find that it can work for quite a while without overheating, which is very helpful since I like my soups/drinks to be extremely smooth. If I am doing a large quantity, I find that I need a deep bowl in order to avoid the food splattering across the kitchen. It is super easy to clean - but beware of the blade which is super sharp and has cut me on more than one occasion! In short, it is simple to use, easy to clean and works quickly and neatly - all the requirements that I have for such a product. Blending Power It is strong and can run for long enough to blend an 8 quart pot of soup to a very smooth consistency. I would not recommend it for ice crushing, but I don't think any hand blender is strong enough for that. Versatility It is ok as long as you don't move it too high up. If it is not deep enough in the pot, it splatters all over. Ease of Cleaning I found this very easy to clean. It is only one piece that needs cleaning (the top half usually stays clean). Just be careful with the blades - they are extremely sharp and can easily cut you. Ease of Use It is extremely easy to use - but my finger hurts after a while of pressing the button. Design It is designed like any standard hand blender. It is narrow so it easily fits into a cup or bowl. Durability I have this for over two years and its still working great and in excellent condition.




Braun MultiQuick Professional MR 6500M 15-Speed Handheld Blender

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