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Braun Activator 8585 Electric Shaver

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great shaver


I have used many shavers before, this one is defiinetly one of the very best.  It's built quality will last for years and the blades are very sharp and sturdy, which gives you very smooth feelings while you are shaving.  the battery lasts for a very long time on a single charge, you don't have to worry about draining your battery if you use it every single day.  Also you can clean the set very easily, which is a must-to-have feature for shavers.  Its motion is so fast that you can hardly feel it's cutting, it's just like hands touching your skin and does the job perfectly.  Of course this brand always comes with a high price, but think about it, you are not buying a new shaver every day.  It will last for years. It's like your bed, if you are going to crash in there every night, would not you deserve a better one.  So go to the store and get this one for yourself or for your beloved ones.

Carrboro, NC


Braun 8580 self cleaning can also be used by women


I know this is a mens razor.  My husband bought it for himself at Christmas.  A month ago my Panasonic shaver broke and with everything going on I couldn't get to the store to buy one.  Actually, I'm an on line shopper more than anything but I need one badly.  So, that morning I decided to use his.  I couldn't believe how well it worked.  It had a pivoting head so I could shave around my knees and those hard to reach areas.  Plus, I use to have to shave everyday  Actually, with this shaver I could have went the next day without shaving; however, I did run it over my legs real quick just to make sure I wouldn't have any stubble.  Of course, he bought me my own and I love it.  It was a bit expensive but well worth it.  The added benefit of self cleaning is great.  I had to clean the Panasonic myself.  I know they say a woman should not use mens shavers but in this situation I have to disagree. 

Youngstown, OH


Braun Activator 8585 Electric Shaver

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