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Braun 10-Cup Impressions Thermal Coffeemaker

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Braun 10-cup thermal Coffeemaker


It does its job. Makes the coffee quickly and well. The thermal works well too if you enjoy taking the pot of coffee with you to work in your office. Brew Performance I would review it as above average but not fantastic. It does well and the coffee tastes good . But I believe they could improve on the overall performance of the brewing on this machine. Its a thermal one I use it to do one of two things for when I'm entertaining guests or the other is to bring it into my office to work. Also it does allow you to shut off the coffee maker itself and remain warm for your next cup. Ease of Cleaning This is made very well in this area. I found it all easy to clean up even when there has been a spill. The pieces come off easily to be washed by had or if you prefer your dishwasher. This was an important feature to me since I like my coffee to not have that burnt taste you get if its not cleaned well. Ease of Use I would rate this above average. It is very uncomplicated. Its straight forward in the directions which you probably don't need. Its simple and easy to do. My grandchildren use it to make water for hot chocolate and tea and they can even do it with supervision of course. Design This I would rate above average just based on the fact that I love love love the design. It simple and sophisticated all in one unit. I feel like it has a modern feel to it also which I enjoy. Durability Its very durable. We have moved several times and it has survived with out any problems. First to be unpacked. It has continued to give wonderful coffee since the first day we got it. It continues to be a very dependable coffee maker.




What a great cup of coffee


LOVE this coffee maker. I received one as a wedding gift years ago and it is still perking away for me. I have come across many people who have to replace their coffee makers every couple of years. Not so for me and we use it everyday. It is affordable and durable. Love the insulated thermal carafe as well. Keeps my coffee piping hot until I pour myself a cup.


Minneapolis, MN


Keeps my Joe fresh


I purchased this because of the thermal carafe and it is certainly worth it. I've had it for over four years without a hitch, The carafe not only keeps the coffee hot, but it also does a good job of keeping the air out. For those of you in the know, coffee oxidizes very quickly and the taste changes as it is increasingly exposed to air. Not with this thing. I can make coffee in the morning and it will be exactly the same an hour later. The filter basket is easy to remove and clearn and there aren't a lot of nooks and cranies in the design. That minimizes the areas where debris and sediment can build up. Drawbacks? Two. The inside of the carafe stains very quickly and the water gauge window has an opening to the outside which will cause spillage if you exceed the 10 cup mark. I guess it is better to spill early on than once the thing is perking. As for the water filters, you don't HAVE to use them. I get my in bulk on Amazon.


Clifton, VA


Decent coffee maker for the casual coffee drinker


We recieved the **Braun Thermal Coffeemaker** as a wedding shower gift almost six years ago. It collected dust for several years. Now that we have two small children and often mind ourselves sleep deprived, we've found that's become necessary to drink coffee to maintain our sanity. Pros: - makes a decent cup of coffee - brews insanely quickly - is fairly compact - don't need paper coffee filters (economical and good for the environment) - very easy to operate; dummyproof Cons: - small coffeemaker, if you need to drink more than 3-4 cups of coffee, this isn't big enough - water filters are hard to find - coffee is not hot enough - there are little rubber grippers on the bottom of the carafe--don't do what I did and place it on your smooth-top range that's still warm, because you'll melt them---oops. - No automatic timer! Overall, I love the idea of a carafe coffeemaker. This works fine for us, but the coffee really isn't hot enough for my taste--I end up having to heat up my cup. I guess that it brews so quickly that it doesn't have a chance to fully heat up. It looks pretty on our counter and makes a decent cup of coffee.


Newark, DE


Great Coffee!


This coffee pot was a wedding gift.  It was one of 5 coffee makers we've been given.  This one is by far my favorite.  It has no extra bells and whistles, which is good because I hate complications!  I always get good compliments on my coffee with this maker, but I didn't with my other coffee makers, so I think this brewer really makes a difference in the quality of brew.  I love the thermos caraff feature.  But best of all is that it doesn't need a coffee filter!!!  I haven't bought coffee filters since we got married 5 years ago.  This thing has been going strong all 5 years too.  I would definitely get this model/brand again.  I don't like to spend a lot of money for any appliance, but I would fudge on that for this one. 


Egg Harbor City, NJ


Braun 10-Cup Impressions Thermal Coffeemaker

4.4 5