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Braun 10-Cup AromaDeluxe Time Control Coffeemaker

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Overall a good coffee maker.


I personally am not a coffee drinker, but I have guests over at my house all the time and I have to make coffee for them. I had the Braun 10-Cup AromaDeluxe Time Control Coffeemaker KF580 for a year and I loved using it. I used it at least 4 times a week when I had it. It is really durable and strong. I had my kids slam it to the counter top multiple times and it never chipped or got damaged. They would even throw it inside the closet when I asked them to put it away, not when the glass pot is in it of course. When having guests over, I usually make coffee in the Braun 10-Cup AromaDeluxe Time Control Coffeemaker KF580 early in the morning when I first wake up. Then I leave it on until the guests come. The coffee will stay hot in it and not loose its temperature as long as the machine is on. It is so simple to use. I just put a filter in it, then put in the ground coffee, and of course put the water and just turn it on. It filters the coffee so well. I never seen any coffee grinds inside the cups. My one and only problem with this is it says that it fits 10 cups, but when I fill it to the max, it only fills up 8 cups for me. That is a problem when I have more than 8 guests over. I really did love this machine but after the pot broke, I decided not to buy it again and buy a bigger one. Other than that, it's a great machine and it is also very easy to clean.



Braun Coffee Maker makes you look forward to your morning coffee


I purchased this coffee maker about 2 years ago.   It is easy to use and makes great coffee.   I like the water filter cartridge feature as I think it does make a difference in the coffee......( improves coffee flavor by reducing chlorine and prevents calcification buildup)  a positive..... but the negative is the cost of replacing the filters.   I am not sure if I would buy a coffee maker with this feature again due to this additional reoccuring cost.   Instead, I would use the filtered water from the refrigerator.   The only other negative is that the pouring spout is narrow.   If you do not pour the coffee slowly, it will drip out on the side.  The coffee maker is attractive and easy to use.  It has been easy to keep clean also.    It also has an automative shut off after two hours which I really like.  You can reset this to turn off any time between 20 minutes and 3 hours and 59 minutes.  It aso has a clock display.   I would recommend this coffee maker based on the good taste of the coffee and the ease of use.

Murrieta, CA


Braun coffee makers get the job done nicely.


I have been using Braun Coffee makers ( all models) for many years. They never let me down. They are easy to clean and the heating plate keeps the unused coffee nice and warm for the two or three hours it takes me to finish the pot when I am working at home. My only problem is replacing the caraffe if I break it. I is actually cheaper to just buy a new unit.

West Springfield, MA


it does the job but could be better


I recently purchased this coffee maker after my old one died.  I was attracted to this model because it was reasonably priced, came in a white (I like light colored appliances in my kitchen), and offered a pause and serve feature.  It is easy to use and quick; however, I would prefer my coffee to be a bit hotter.  Also, the glass carafe drips when poured, and the hotplate has already started to peel.

Brookline, MA


Braun 10-Cup AromaDeluxe Time Control Coffeemaker

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