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Globes and Geography
Bratz World Tour Learning Globe

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This globe is great.  My 5 year old daughter plays with it daily.  She loves to listen to the fun facts, or even dance to the music of the countries.  We still have not discovered everything this globe can do!  It is a little piricy, but search around.  It is durable, will last for years.  Your child will grow with this.

Saunderstown, RI


great educational toy


This is a very good globe for young children to use. I like that it is fun for the kids to use and that it keeps their attention. The globe is also very colorful to look at. Normal globes are usually not as vibrant in color as this globe is. The other great part about this globe is that it is interactive. The sounds are fun to listen to and it makes using it even more fun than ever. The batteries are easy to replace, but that is usually not often because this globe does not eat up batteries. The globe has a very sturdy base and it is great for placing on a table. The globe sphere is easy to spin around when the kids are looking at. The country names and letters are easy to read and they are not too tiny for children to see and read. This globe has many fun activities for kids to do. That is great for kids who are not yet in school because it helps them to get a head start on learning. The sound could be a bit louder though.

Knoxville, TN


Bratz World Tour Learning Globe

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