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Bragada  Vienna Mattress - All Sizes

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Everytime I lay on it- I don't want to get up!


The mattress my husband & I had before was a very comfortable but, when he moved I felt it. I tried a Temperpedic on a sales floor, & searched on line for reviews of Memory Foam Mattress's. The Bragada was rated better, longer warranty and a much better price! I didnt know what COMFORTABLE was until we got the Bragada Vienna! I love it! I would highly recommend it.



I Love the Bragada Vienna!


We've had our mattress for a few years now. Everything you said was right on the money - no smell, easy to set-up (ingenious frame packaging!) I promised I'd write about it after we had the mattress for awhile. Here's what I can report:Until I got my Bragada, (sight-unseen)** I had NO IDEA how sleep deprived we really were**. We went to bed at a reasonable hour, but we must have tossed and turned continually during the night because I used to wake up feeling like I'd been in battle all night.Now, my husband and I suddenly notice that we have been accomplishing A LOT more during our day. As we are both starting new businesses, this is an extremely significant development!I used to have to nap for a couple of hours nearly every day and wondered why I was so chronically tired. Now that I have my Bragada, I'm up and functioning at a high level all day, no desire to nap at all (except to dive back under my comfy covers once in awhile.) I wake up with no aches and pains and I feel refreshed every morning and I don't feel the terrible mental "fog" anymore!  I think better, make decisions easier - I truly had no idea how poorly I was sleeping.Also, as my husband gets up in the wee hours of the morning, he can get up now and come back to bed without my knowing he's gone/returned. No motion!Lastly, and most importantly, we are far more patient and firm in handling our children. I used to be a lot more snippy and, frankly, too tired to deal with their behavior. Now we deal with issues calmly, firmly and with love, rather than annoyance. We also have more energy to play games with them!Truly, the bed has transformed our everyday life and I thank bragada for taking the time to listen to my concerns and answer them fully. You helped me change our lives with an affordable option in memory foam - it would've been years before we could've afforded the "other guys." Your service was excellent!MB Ehrhardt

Cheyenne, WY


Best Sleep I Ever Had


I bought the Bragada Vienna Mattress after spending months on a mattress that was killing my back.  I spent several weeks researching and came across after reading several reviews I was sold, and decided to buy the Vienna.  It arrived a few days later, and I slept amazing that night.  The Vienna has a memory foam core and uses two different versions of memory foam, as well as a layer that is made to support your lumbar.  It has a cotton cover so it helps the mattress breath so its not as hot as many memory foam mattress can get (its still a bit warmer than a traditional mattress but we forgo our flannel and heavy cotton sheets and and are fine) It also has aloe in the mattress which is supposed to help enable a faster sleep, aloe has a calming effect. All I really noticed with the aloe is the mattress has a nice smell to it.  We have had the mattress for over two years now and its still one of the best sleeps I have ever had.

Godley, TX


Bragada Vienna Mattress - All Sizes

5.0 3