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Bradford White
Bradford White Gas Water Heater M2TW75T6BN

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Bradford White 75 gal. hot water heater keeps us in hot water.


I am a very big fan of Bradford White water heaters. I believe that they are one of the best brands on the market and they hold up to their reputation. We have a family of 5 and were constantly running out of hot water in our new house so I changed out the existing 60 gal electric water heater for this bad boy 75 gal. power vent gas water heater made by Bradford White. I also go it with an aluminum rod because we were having a sulfur smell from the old one in which the corrosion-preventing metal rod was reacting with the water and casing smelly water. The aluminum rod seems to be working fine - no more odor! We have constant, wonderfully hot water. The heater kicks in and heats it up quickly. We are very, very pleased. The only bummer was that this model, and according to Bradford White, all 75-gal models do not have an energy efficient rating - something we found out after we already had bought it. So, no tax rebates for us! But I am pretty positive that it is much more efficient than the electric one we replaced!

Goshen, IN


Bradford White Gas Water Heater M2TW75T6BN

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