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Bowflex Xtreme

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The Bowflex Xtreme is beneficial


I work at a Hospital as a Pysical Therapist doing both in-patient and out-patient therapy. We have a Bowflex Xtreme available for our patients. Many of my patients have benefited from using this piece of equipment. The majority of them have been orthopaedic and are primarily post total knee arthroplasty or recovering from rotator cuff repair. The Bowflex Xtreme has allowed for patients in my clinic to perform numerous exercises in on one piece of equipment.  Many of them are at a stage where they are not very mobile and being able to perform several of their therapeutic exercises on one piece of equipment is very beneficial.  This saves them the difficulty of having to get in and out of multiple pieces of exercise equipment. I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone. Whether they be a hardcore athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone just beginning.  Another benefit from this equipment besides being able to get a whole body workout in is the safety.  You do not have to worry about having a spotter...there are no weights to fall on you.


Idaho Falls, ID


too complicated


I just got this bowflex home gym last week so my review might not sound too convincing. I have only used it about 3 times, have yet to figure out all the functions. First of all, I've been working out all my life and know pretty all the exercise tools out there, but this thing confuses me. This is my first bowflex product so that might be why. Though it does have a video that comes with it to show you some things you can do with it. I recommend watching it first. This thing is suppose to have 70+ different type of exercises so it will take some time to get used to. It's also a bit heavy, I can't lift it too high let alone moving it. One thing that really bothers me is the seat, too small for me. Other than that, it's still a good exercise tool to have. I wouldn't recommend it though, but I don't know any other product that can compare with bowflex. It's still a reputable company to get your tools at, especially when you need help with it.


Gold Canyon, AZ


Work it like a man


Like many others, I purchased this at the local sports chalet for my at-home gym.  I found it pretty user-friendly, as it worked all my upper body muscle groups.  I did notice my chest and core getting stronger after just a few works of loyal usage. My favourite positions are the upright pulleys and the butterfly arm curls, because of the ease it takes to alter the weight.  Be careful about letting the weights snap back, because I heard they will ruin your at-home device over time.  Like all gym equipments, this one is susceptible to the typical iron rust, so I suggest you spray it with the anti-rust sprays maybe once every three weeks. With proper tender loving care, your Blowflex Xtreme will last you years to come.  I suggest you also purchase a treadmill or jog regularly to save you those trips to the gym and ultimately the gym membership fees.  After a year or so, you will have already saved your money in the investment of the BowFlex.


San Diego, CA


Bowflex Xtreme is a complete body workout.


I have been using a Bowflex Xtreme for over 6 years.  Initially, I did lose some weight, but mainly, it toned my muscles.  I am not Arnold or even close, but it has made me stronger and helped with stamina.  I used to have some back pain and have not experienced any since.


Aiken, SC


don't waste the money


We have owned the Bowflex Xtreme for a few years now, and have used it only a handful of times.  My husband and I are both into working out and are physically fit, so it's not that we don't like it because we are too lazy to  use it, it is just because it is extremely difficult and confusing to use.  To sit there and try to figure out which pulley I need the resistance bands strung to, and which exercise needs which pulleys is way too time consuming and confusing.  I also feel like many of the strength training exercises that I perform on it are just awkward.  The bands do not seem to have a very fluent range of motion.  We both prefer regular use of handweights over the Bowflex system.  I wish we would have never bought it, but I guess that can be said about many an exercise equipment by many people!   My review of it though isn't about whether you devote the time to it or not, it truly is just on the machine itself - i personally think you can get a better workout in a more time effiecient manner with hand weights, and maybe following a video like P90X or Xtreme.


Zeeland, MI


Bowflex will turn yor frown upside down!


Are you after that dry cut up look that so many actors, athletes and celebrities have today?   Want to know how I got it? Bowflex that's how.. The Bowflex is resistance based gym equipment that will definitely assist you on your way to a better body. I saw results in about four weeks, don't get me wrong you need to put in the time and sweat, but once you do, you will see the same amazing results I did! Wow! I look better, feel sexier ,stronger and healthier and so will you!. I have been working out on and off all my life, but I never saw the kind of muscle definition I wanted until I started resistance training routines. Another really cool thing is that the Bowflex also comes with a free DVD or video to help with your training routines and goals. The Bowflex will help you target the areas of you body where you want to reduce fat, supporting that a lean mean look you want. The Bowflex also has a money back guarantee, but trust me you wont want to send it back. Greger.


Moreno Valley, CA


Bowflex Xtreme

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