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Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets - Renewing Rain

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Bounce Awakenings Renewing Rain: Great Smell and Ability


A fabric softener brand with millions of satisfied customers, Bounce has been freshening clothing and controlling static cling for a long time. Its original dryer sheets are still immensely popular and are still one of the best you can buy. Bounce now has other scents and one of them is **Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets Renewing Rain.** **Fabric Softener Facts and Commentary:** Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets Renewing Rain is a highly useful fabric softener sheet with a nice scent and the ability to control static cling as well as the best of them. Just a sheet or two in the laundry prevents static cling and coats laundry with a clean, fresh scent. Regular Bounce is one of my favorite dryer sheets and Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets Renewing Rain are just as good as the original. They are the same product, only with a different scent, so they rank just as highly as regular Bounce on the performance scale. The only real difference is the scent and I am pretty confident that those who like regular Bounce will enjoy the scent of Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets Renewing Rain just as much- some even more. These dryer sheets are excellent at controlling static and adding a fresh scent to laundry. They are also very useful for other purposes, such as freshening a car, luggage, or other confined space. They act as an air freshener for these and other places and I know that some people also use them to repel mosquitoes as well as for other uses. Focusing on the laundry, they do their job as well as any other dryer sheet on the market and make a nice alternative scent to regular Bounce. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Dryer sheets are my usual fabric softener of choice and Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets Renewing Rain are one of the best ones you can buy. If you love regular Bounce, you will love this product just as much.

Houston, TX


Makes ny house smell gppd!


I live in an apartment and have stackable washer and dryre in my back bathroom. I was really happy when I used Bounce Fresh Rain the other day and my whole apartment smelled so fresh! Of course the clothes smelled wonderful too but I just enjoyed my apartment especially in winter smelling so good!  So it did two jobs in one!

Minneapolis, MN


These are FANTASTIC!!!!


NO MORE STATIC!  These dryer sheets not only make the clothes in my dryer smell amazing, the static cling associated with daily laundry has finally been defeated!  Thank you bounce for developing such a great product!  My kids love the scent, even my husband noticed when I switched to these! He absolutely loves them. He even uses them in his tool box at work! I have been able to recommend these to everyone I know without hesitation!  My clothes feel soft, static free, and the scent lasts forever and a day! The shirt I am wearing today was laundered over a week ago and I can still smell the fragrance!  I am more than impressed with this product.  I have even decided to hang them in all of my closets and put one in my husband sock drawer since he like it so much!  They are very inexpensive in my opinion for all of the neat things I can do with them, unlike other softener sheets.  I can actually say these make laundry less of a chore and way more enjoyable!

Fort Smith, AR


Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets - Renewing Rain

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