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Boston Market
Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie White Meat Chicken

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Tasty But High In Sodium And Calories


Pot pies are something that I usually make in the winter months; they are easy to make in bulk, freeze well and are great with a salad. When I want a pot pie but don't want to spend four hours making twenty of them I get a Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie. Normally one of these is a little too much for me so I usually eat half with a salad or split it with someone. For me the biggest perk is the taste but with that comes a lot of sodium; one single pie (which is considered one serving) contains 1,100 milligrams of sodium which is almost half of what you should be consuming in a day. Nothing is ever going to compare to a homemade pot pie but when you are craving one or want something hearty, the chicken pot pie is a nice option. To et the best taste you need to take it directly from the freezer to the oven, if you let it sit out then the top layer of the crust is going to get a little soggy or break off. If I had the choice between one from the Boston Market store and a frozen one I would definitely take one of the store-fresh pot pies but when you are hungry at two in the morning that isn't exactly an option. The filling is hearty and the pieces don't get soggy when you cook it; one of my boys decided to remove it from the disposable pan and microwave it and it ended up turning in to a huge blob. Thankfully he did put it in a bowl before he microwaved it but that didn't do much for the crust which tasted like it wasn't cooked all the way. These aren't cheap but you are paying for the Boston Market name; the smaller Banquet pot pies are almost as good but one of them isn't enough to make a dent in your appetite if you are hungry.




Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie White Meat Chicken

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