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Boston Acoustics
Boston Acoustics - Gateway Digital Computer Speakers

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Dare I say..........Bose who????


**Product Details and Features:**2 speakers plus Subwoofer6 Watt Maximum Power OutputCable connection55 - 20000Hz Frequency Response50 - 200 Hz Subwoofer Frequency ResponseDimentions (W x D x H): 3.25 in. x 3.5 in x 3.25 in.Subwoofer dimentions (W x D x H): 7 in. x 14.63 x 11.75 in. **Our Experience:**Lucky for my husband and I, we are friends with one of those people that update thier computer every year......then in a few years, is looking to unload some perfectly good computers. When he found out we did not have a computer, he couldn't believe it! He said he had a few laying around and he would let us "borrow" one for as long as he didn't need it. After we had it for about a year he bought two brand new, top of the line laptops, and told us we could just have the computer. Yeah for us! The Gateway computer came with these AMAZING *Boston Acoustics* desktop speakers and subwoofer for the floor. These things ROCK! They are crystal clear and super loud! Before this, I was a really big Bose Speakers fan (still am), but I'll tell you what....I am a new fan of *Boston Acoustics*! We bought Bose speakers a few years back, and while the sound quality is amazing, they fell apart pretty quickly. First the metal nameplates fell off, then the speaker covers. We had to super glue them back together. Not the case with these speakers. We have had them for over 5 years and have not had one problem yet! **My viewpoint:**I give these a *5 star rating* because I have not had any problems with them soundwise or structurally! They are top notch!

Syracuse, NY


am the best of the best, "sweet blast"


Tired of them old speakers, well its time for some new speaker in your house Boston Acoustics-Gateway Digital BA735 computer speakers, Its so clear when you put it on full blast, not like others that sound like old blown tweeters.

Graham, NC




I have these speakers from my aunt from Colorado. I think its the speakers that are packaged with her purchased pc years ago. It stayed unused for a month with me because im much happy with my other pc speaker. Then came a small party. I have to use my "other" speakers on the living room so i have nothing to use on my pc. And so i set this up with my pc and was surprised that it has an digital input! i paired it with my soundcard and booting up to windows the welcome sound just filled the room.. The acoustics were great,and also the bass too

Batavia, IL


wesome booming sound


simply the best bang for you buck,small compact and brilliabt sound,very clear ,and no static when turning volume up or down ,durable,sturdy spaker cones ,i reccomend thses speakers to anyone that is budget minded and wants top notch quality      

Dallas, TX


Boston Acoustics - Gateway Digital Computer Speakers

4.5 4