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Bostitch BT200K-2 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

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great value


Great little gun for the price.Very dependable and easy to find nails for.Have been using this gun for several years and it has yet to let me down.I use often being a general contractor and I can be a little rough on tools at times.I have dropped this gun from roofs,left it in the rain and other things just as bad and it keeps on firing with power to spare.

Middleton, TN


Easy to Load, fast, Accurate, and easy to clear.


I personnally like Stanley Bostich Air Tools.  This Brad Nailer Ranks Highest on My List and I own three others from other manufacturers. I have used this gun for all types of applications. For installing crown Molding, to secure glue Joints, and temporarily hold parts together while pre-fitting. When air pressure is turn down to minimum this gun will leave the heads high enough to pull out after pre-fit with out damaging the wood.  It shoot very well into both soft and hard Woods. In Hard woods sometimes it leaves such a small hole you don't even have to fill it for it to be hidden.  I would recommend this brad nailer to any of my freinds.

Hemet, CA


A good friend to the home improvement enthusiast


I bought this nailer in a set with the pancake compressor, the 16-guage nailer, and 18-guage stapler. We have used all these tools quite a bit in the last 3 years, mostly on furniture building projects, installing trim, and miscellaneous projects around the house. We also built a huge backdrop and tons of columns for our wedding decorating business, so we've used it qutie a bit! I have loved having all the pieces in this set, and they've worked well. I've used the 18-guage nailer the most, and it has lost the plastic tip on the end where the nails come out, so that was annoying, but that could happen to any nailer. Every once in a while it gets jammed, but we've been able to fix it every time so far. This set has been everything we've needed and continues going strong! It's the perfect tool for the home improvement enthusiast! And buying it in the set made for an excellent deal. I would definitely recommend the Bostich brand.

Salt Lake City, UT


A must have...if you have a compressor


This brad gun is the perfect tool for dispensing nails into trim and other light woods. The only real drawback is that it does require a compressor. My advice is to get this gun if you want it as a supplement to a large gun, like a Bostich framer, and you already have the portable air supply that goes with gear like that. If, however, you are a Sally Housecoat, or someone whose only intent is to have something light for slapping together the occasional Martha Stewart gimmick that requires greater adhesion than hot glue will allow, I wouldn't go for this model. Rather get a brad nailer that is electric like a Paslode. It will be far more practical and easier to use.

Clifton, VA


Bostitch BT200K-2 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

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