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Bose - Companion 2

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Great speakers, at high volume the sound distorts a bit.


Great sounding speakers, quite a bit more expensive than other brands. They sit nice and flat and secure on any flat surface. I get good bass from the speakers even though they are somewhat compact. No rattles or other noises from speakers, very solid firm build quality with a nice weight to them. There doesn't appear to be an on/off switch, they are constantly on when they are plugged in, which worries me that they are just draining energy when I'm not using them. When plugged in with the volume turned up, and nothing playing on the speakers you can hear a little bit of noise, almost like holding your ear up to a sea shell, so I just turn the volume all the way down when not in use. This can be somewhat annoying since there is no power switch. Sound Quality Sounds great, if the volume is too loud, the sound becomes a bit distorted and muffled which is annoying, this only happens at high volume. Compatibility has standard A/V type sound connections. Ease of Use plug and play Durability Owned these for almost 2 years with no issues. Design Some of the connections on the back can wiggle loose at times, but easy enough to plug them back in.




Bose - Companion 2

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