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Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II Nylon Edition

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Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker Ever!


I purchased this unit to replace tinny sounding wireless speakers that either produced distorted bass or some sound frequencies appears to have been omitted. As soon as I turned the unit on, on thing definitely stood out - the sound produced has depth, I can only describe it as a kind of 3D for sound. It plays all audible sound frequencies very well across the board, with a good tone balance realistic to an original recording. This is what sets Bose apart from the rest, it is meant for one to hear the music as a whole, but if pure bass is what you want, this isn't for you, although not window vibrating, it can play pure bass sound for a small area. The reason for 4/5 stars is the fact that the bass tone of the unit does change depending on how it's placed, something I expected all Bose products to have resolved. But even with the tone loss, it's still minimal for those who like to hear the full range of music. Want a kick to the bass sound? Situate the unit close but not against a wall, not in an enclosure. You'd be surprised what a small wireless Bose speaker can do! Overall, this is a great sounding unit, I'm looking with interest to see how Bose improves sound with a limited amount of space within the unit. I will recommend this product to all my friends and family, and I have already posted my reviews on my facebook page too!


El Monte, CA


Amazing sound!


For such a small speaker it has incredible sound. Nice deep base, hits those lows and highs with crystal clear sound. I use it in the dorm room a lot and I hook my iphone up to it wirelessly. My friends can even hook their phones up to it through bluetooth when they visit. I've never had problems with it. Great Product! Sound Quality Excellent sound! Performance Very reliable. No problems with it. Battery Life Could be bit better, but for a small speaker that bumps like crazy, I guess its understandable Durability Ive never dropped it but I have carried it around while it was playing quite loud and nothing happened. Ease of Use Very simple Design Looks sick




Best speaker I have ever owned'!


This syncs up really fast, has THE BEST sound & it's easy to take anywhere & everywhere you want to go. Sound Quality It's Bose, I don't need to say much more. Battery Life The battery life lasts forever! Durability The magnetic cover is really durable. Definitely protected very well Ease of Use Once your sinked, your mobile device remembers it. The next time it's near the speaker and the Bluetooth is on, it will automatically connect to the speaker.




I am not impressed by the sound coming out of the Bose Soundlink


I bought the Bose Soundlink at the Apple store thinking I could use it as a portable speaker with my iPhone. I brought it home, took it out of the package, turned it on and was immediately disappointed by the sound quality. It sounds small and tinny and did not fill the room. Maybe my expectations are too high for a device of this size and cost but I was not impressed. Sound Quality At the Apple store it sounded better than the other alternatives (Jambox etc) but at home it did not pass the test to make it a keeper.


Chicago, IL


Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II Nylon Edition

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