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Great Sound and High Quality Product!


I have always been a big fan of Bose so I figured I would give tehse a shot.  I listen to to music and watch movies a lot on my ipod. I don't consider myself an audio snob in the least but I do have a great appreciation for good sound. I bought these headphones as a replacement for my skull candy earbuds.  The earbuds were nice and compact but they just weren't doing the job.  These headphones have very nice sound quality and are a vast improvement to any earbuds I have tried.  That beign said, they are nowhere near as nice as the Quit Comfort's.  They provide decent sound for the price but certainly do not compare to the other models offered by Bose.  Also, one should note that because of the cushion design, they do not completely cover your ears and therefore are not isolating.  The construction is typical of Bose, very sturdy.  Personally, I would go for a pair of Quiet Comfort's over these.  If you don't mind the lack of sound isolation, then this might be the set for you.  

Fairfax, VA


I would recommend Bose (40117) Headphones to any musician.


Through the years, Bose headphones have always been the best headphones for the cost.  The Bose (40117) headphones provide professional quality on an indipendent artists budget.  The headphones form around your ear comfortably while blocking outside noise.  While I would recommend these for musicians I would also recommend it for anyone who works around loud noises.  While they will not block out all of the noises they will eliminate most while you are still able to listen to your music comfortably.  You do need a converter plug to go from 1/4 to 1/8 but these are inexpensive and can be found at any electronic shop or section of a major shopping store. 

Fort Wayne, IN


Bose Headphones

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