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301 V
Bose -

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awesome speakers


I have always been a fan of Bose Speakers and these did not disappoint. The sound quality is top notch. The size and color are great also. i purchased stands for my speakers and when i put them on the stands the sound quality was even better. I am planning to purchase another set to put upstairs in my home. Another thing about Bose speakers is that they last for a long long time before wearing out. They are compact which is great for me because i dont like large speakers. Plus they are a nice looking pair of speakers. They match well with other items in the room. I would definitely recomment these speakers to anyone looking to purchase. The price was not bad considering the quality of the product

Buffalo, NY


Bose 301: Not bad speakers but not for my home!


Bose 301: Not bad speakers but not for my home! I have to say, I have truly heard about the bose name a lot. On suggestion of a friend, I bought the 301 speaker pair as a bookshelf speaker for our home office, a room which is about 12 X 15 feet. Setting them up was easy as we had prewired the room for a 2 channel audio system. I have previously used my JBL and Monitor Audio speakers and know first hand how the stereo imaging comes to life in that room. I was rather disheartened by the sound put out by these Bose speakers. Powered by the same NAD 2 channel power amplifier and a Sony CD player, while they put out good sound, the Bose 301's fail to really put out a sound stage like the JBL S38's or the Monitor Audio S2's. They are clear but you can't truly locate instruments exactly the way they were recorded in a studio or live performance. I listen to lot of Norah Jones and Jack Johnson, but they just did not sound right. I kept these speakers for about a week before returning them back to the store.

Jacksonville, FL


Bose - 301 V: Fantastic!


Great sounding speakers, punchy, efficient, beautiful mids, great sounding vocals & sweet highs, use good solid core speaker cables like Kimber Kable 4VS or better & good interconnects, forget cheap multistrand speaker cable, these speakers open up on good cables & will surprise you, use good speaker stands ! They work great on vintage gear like my Yamaha CA810 & Sony CDP 297 & would sound fantastic on decent modern amps/players. Sure there are lots of precision speakers available with perfect imaging & better top end, but that's not the point, these do exactly what their designer intended & do it remarkably well! These speakers made me experience some of the greatest audio I've ever listened to. I feel full immersed in the music when this speakers are playing them. This is a must buy for music lovers. They are very portable and easy to connect to your musical device. If you want to listen to your music in the best way possible, i suggest you buy these speakers.

Schenectady, NY


Bose- 301 great little speakers big sound


These are fantastic speakers. I know bose stuff can be expensive, but this is a case of you get what you pay for. I like to blast music, the louder the better. I need speakers that can handle that kind of out put, these fit the bill. The sound great played at any level. On thing i noticed is that you may need to cut the bass to get the sound right, just a personal preference. These speakers are long lasting and durable. I have dropped them and blasted music through them for many hours and i haven't blown them out yet. The size is also a big plus. They are a great space saver. This is important for me, I have them set up in very small room. They sound like speakers that are much bigger, which frankly I don't have the room for. They are easy to install and mount, since they don't weight very much. This is the second set of bose speakers I have had, and the quality of them keeps me coming back for more. Definately worth a few bucks more for the quality and longevity.

Chicago, IL


Fantastic sound that fills the room, all from a small set of spe


Had to have speakers that fit into a small space, but I wanted to have quality sound. These Bose 301s fit my needs to a T, and then some. What I thought I might lose from large floor speakers was bass, but these little guys have hair, and have earned my undying respect.

Orlando, FL


Bose is still the best


I have different speakers in my home which are Klipsch and they are great speakers but that is only because I can not afford Bose speakers. My father-in-law purchased these speakers when he got him a new entertainment system LED and all. When we watch the first movie it was like we were in the movie theater. The sound was extremely crisp and clear and there was no distortion at all. The volume was pretty high which in some other quality speaker would cause this problem but not with these baby's. They are very attractive in appearence which is something I have not noticed in the Bose speakers I have seen they were just black (but still they were Bose) and I was quite impressed. The size though for what he was using them for was a little large but that is not the speakers fault but the one's who said they had it all figured out to install one of Boses surround sound systems until they saw it would be as easy as they thought but they are excellent speakers anyway.

Newport, NC


Bose-301 v speakers has the best sound I've ever heard.


I own a bose and it sounds like I have a complete home stereo system in my home, and when people come over the first thing they ask, where is the sound coming from, they can not belive somthing so small can be so clear and sound so good.

Kansas City, MO




**After my tour in Vietnam, and a 2.5 year stay at Ft Campbell, KY I was sent to Germany for a 2 year tour. Due to living in a German village (I turned down post housing), since we could get television, music was our entertainment. The military receives great purchase prices on top name equipment, and this is really up front when it comes to cameras or stereo systems. At the time there was no such thing as surround sound (1977), but there was a company called Bose.  One by one I started putting my component unit together. After securing the power amp, I selected the Bose 601s, and kept them for the next 5 years. After returning to the states, then leaving the Army my wife and I wanted a motor home. In order to come up with as much as we could for a down payment, I sold my whole stereo system. Several years later I found myself missing that certain sound that once you hear it you can never listen to a cheap system again. This time I purchased a pair of the Bose 301s, and still use them at the present, and they are over 17 years old. When I purchased the 51 inch Sony HD Television, instead of buying a surround system. I purchased two more Bose 301s, a Bose center speaker, and a sub woofer. While the much newer Bose 301s look much differnt (black in color) that the old ones (brown in color), the sound is just as great. So, I have two Bose 301s on the left and right in front of me, and two on the left in right in front of my. My surround sound is fantastic, and those who visit my home and hear it say that mine is better than any they have heard. Conclusion. No matter which Bose unit you choose you won't go wrong. However, I can't stess the importance of placing the speakers how they are meant to be placed. With the 301's, they should be laying to where the top of the speaker is around two feet away from a solid object. Then depending on the left or right speaker, a solide object facing the way the sound is coming out of the slanted speakers causing them to bounce off the wall. They will sound good without having correct placement,  but their great when set up according to the directions.**

Taylor, MI


Wow! Wow!


Any Bose product is top of the line, I have had Bose speakers from the 70's and they still work great .The 301-V is no exceptions. There are sounds that come out of there that no other speaker on the market could hold a candle to. Just the best and most reliable speaker of the market, Get a pair, you won't be disappointed.

Branford, CT


Bose 301 speakers are the best speakers EVER!!!


I bought Bose 301 speakers more than 30 (yes, 30) years ago.  Best speakers ever, ever, ever.  They still sound great - the highs are still high and the lows are still low.  I highly recommend them!  Am I biased?  Definitely!!  The 30 years speak for themselves.  Need I say more?  If I do, then this is it:  if you want quality and performance, go with Bose speakers.

Houston, TX


Bose -

4.7 11