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Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens

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Ok but not great


I got these as a stocking stuffer and although I have tried the regular boscia brand blotting sheets it was my first time trying these peppermint ones.I have oily skin and oil absorbing sheets are a life saver and essential of mine. Whenever I don't wear makeup my skin gets oily after 2 or 3 hours of washing my face. If I do wear make up then my skin lasts a little bit longer without getting oily but I still use blotting sheets to keep my makeup looking like I just put it on. So either way I use them everyday and they are the best. This is also good if you suffer from acne because oil makes your pores clogged and this in turn causes you to break out so if you have oily skin and acne this will safe your life and definitely improve your complexion. This ones specifically do their job but I need two to remove all of the oil from my face. In my opinion the clean and clear brand ones are better and cheaper. But this ones are good although I am not sure I would repuchase.

North Brunswick, NJ


Good blotting, GREAT packaging and size


I tried these out cause I'm always looking for good products to keep my oily skin under control. It was a bit strange at first to have a peppermint scented blotting sheet but it's not overpowering, just something different and kinda refreshing. From my experience, they don't actually leave a minty smell on my skin. The sheets themselves do a descent job of absorbing oil. But like I've said, I have really oily skin so I usually have to use about 3 or 4 of these to get my face shine free. I like that they are bigger in size than most sheets I've tried before. However, they are a bit flimsy compared to other brands. When I use these they tend to tear, especially the first 1 or 2 that I use (guess my oily skin makes them weaker). They are really conveniently packaged so that they come out like tissues. This makes it so much easier to grab a sheet on the go, no more fumbling trying to separate one thin sheet from all the rest.

Watsonville, CA


Boscia peppermint blotting linens help combat shine


Yay! for free samples. Another wonderful offer that I came across and am so happy that I found. Free Boscia peppermint blotting linens for my oily face! One hundred sheets come in this cute envelope (with peppermint discs all over it) that dispenses a single use sheet every time. No messy hassle just simple and sweet. I love the peppermint smell and ease of use. Just dispense and blot. I use it on my forehead, nose and cheeks and it works great. No more shiny, oily residue and no need to re-apply your makeup afterwards. Before I would just add more powder or blot with a tissue, but adding more powder sometimes would make my makeup look cakey and thick and the tissue would wipe my makeup off. This is an easy solution to my oily problem. Instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without disturbing my makeup and the slim package fits perfectly in my pocket or purse for easy traveling.

Round Lake, IL


Pepermint blotting linens do the trick!


I've never tried blotting linens before so I can't compare quality to any other brand but I do very much so love these. The packaging is very sleek and closes securely for it being only a small cardboard package. It fits nicely in a tiny clutch or makeup bag. Upon opening you instantly smell the light peppermint-y scent, it's not overwhelming or too strong, subtle enough to enjoy. It does the trick of removing the oils from your skin and leaving it shine free. Works wonders for blotting your lipstick also! It leaves a nice peppermint scent behind on your lips for a few minutes. You can use them throughout the day while wearing a full face of makeup and they won't disturbe your makeup at all while still doing their job of removing shine and oils. Overall, a very good product that's simple but slightly different from other brands on the market because of the scent. Def will be purchasing when I run out.

Spring Lake, NC


Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens

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