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Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++

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This BB doesn't get an A


BB creams are fairly new to american cosmetic companies and american women. I have tried a number of BB creams which have ranged from mask like to more orange than a pumpkin. The Boscia is supposed to be self adjusting for skin tone, but that wasn't apparent to me. When my skin is more pale in the winter, the formula was a better fit, but in the summer it was far too light which required mixing with another cream which begs the question why bother with the BB cream at all? I didn't notice any improvement in my skin and found myself using more makeup to fix the BB coloring. I prefer a tinted moisturizer to this product as well as a particular lightweight compact powder foundation which really gives me confidence that my skin looks good. I did not break out from the product nor did I find that it made my skin oily. SPF 27 is a strange number, but most of my cosmetics with SPF are 25 or lower so this is acceptable for a cosmetic product. No matter what the claims are, if the product isn't delivering the results it promises and I desire I don't want to use it. New isn't always better.

Potomac, MD


Good BB cream but not for sensitive skin


This Boscia BB cream gets a lot of hype and great reviews but unfortunately it didn't work great for me. It did provide great overall coverage and looked great but I noticed 5 minutes after applying my face started tingling and then it got a bit itchy. I had to immediately wash it off. I tend to have some sensitive skin but they do say that this can be for sensitive skin as well, I guess just not mine.

Topsfield, MA


Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++

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