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Front Load Washers
Bosch Vision Series Front Load Washer

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Bosch is pretty good


Our washer died unexpectantly so we had to go out and buy one with out lots of research. I was told Bosch is a good product. I does clean the clothing well. We have had some problems with our washer and have had to have it fixed and we only had it for 2 years. Now I don't know if that is a coincident or not. The warranty has covered everything so far but it still doesn't make you very happy or satisfied with a product.

Ringgold, GA


Great washer for a great price by a great brand!! GREAT!!


We have used a top loading washing machine for many of years, and wanted to try out a front loader because of all of the hype about the cleaning efficiency and water savings. Well, I must say, I am VERY, VERY happy with my purchase!!! The washing machine cleans all loads wonderfully, very easy to use, cost efficient (using less soap and water), fairly quiet, and has a large capacity. The downside is you need to dry the gaskets thoroughly to avoid any mildew buildup between uses, or keep the door open (which can be a hassle). Also, would like to see a "wash the washer" setting, rather than having to run a full length empty cycle to clean the washer monthly. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion. It was well worth the money! We bought the washer to replace a top loader and try out the front load capabilities, and have loved our decision! Now we must get the matching Bosch dryer!!

Manitowoc, WI


Bosch Vision Series Front Load Washer

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