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Front Load Washers
Bosch Vision 500 Series Front Load Washer

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If You Need A Washer, Stop Looking, Just Go Buy This One.


This washing machine is awesome. If you're in the market for a washing machine, stop looking, just find the best deal on one of these, go to the store, and buy one. That's really all I feel has to be said, but since I assume you don't automatically trust a stranger's online review, I'll elaborate. The capacity is plenty large enough for me. I can fit the sheets from a full size bed, two big bath towels, 7 washcloths, two weeks worth of white clothes, and a bunch of dish rags and handtowels from the kitchen in a single load. There is a nice selection of settings. I've never wished for any that aren't there. My favorite thing about this washer is the stain removal setting, which can be combined with several of the other settings. If the stain removal setting won't get it's probably hopeless. There's also an "eco action" setting that apparently uses less energy. I use that all the time, and the clothes seem just as clean. The machine runs quietly. When it's not spinning, it's hardly noticeable in the next room. You can hear when it's spinning, and you can FEEL it! Especially if you're close to the next room, I have a chair sitting right next to it on the other side of the wall. If you're sitting in that chair, you can feel the vibrations through the chair and the floor! (I live on the second story of a 2 story building, which might make some difference.) When this thing spins, it means business. The clothes are practically dry when they come out of the washer. Ok, not really. But it does get rid of a lot of the water. There is a "gentle spin" option you can choose if the turbo-max-jet-airplane-engine spin seems a little much for a particular load. The control panel is easy to use and understand. It counts down the time remaining, so you know when it will finish. The signal is plenty loud, but not terribly obnoxious. Another reviewer mentioned having problems with the dispenser "gumming up" and having to be cleaned up. I have never experienced that problem. (I don't use liquid fabric softener, though-just detergent and occasionally bleach.) I've never had a problem with any sort of mold or mildew or funky smells coming from the washer. I do leave the door cracked when it's not in use so it can dry out. I have the washer and dryer both, the dryer stacked on top of the washer. The only thing negative I can think of to say about the washer is that it is quite low to the ground. To fish those last washcloths out of the very back of the washer, you pretty much have to bend or squat all the way down or kneel, just like if you were picking them up off the floor. If I have more room for a laundry someday, I'd like to sit the washer and dryer side by side on those pedestal drawers to get the washer up off the floor a little. (Mine came free with the appliances, but I'm just storing them for now.) All the controls are on the front, so you could put a countertop over the two appliances for folding clothes. (Yes, I am thinking that far ahead-so far, I see no sign that these appliances won't last me for years.) Anyway, if bending and reaching is physically a problem for you, you may want to get it up off the floor a bit, but whatever you have to do, it would be worth it. Don't let a little thing like this keep you from an otherwise great appliance. I live alone, so I only do about one, maybe two, loads of laundry a week. So that's pretty light use for a washer, but, after almost two years, it seems to be holding up well. I've had absolutely no problems with it, and frankly, it all still seems like new. The washer is attractive, and hasn't scratched, etc. (Not even the chrome parts.) But most importantly: It gets my clothes clean, no fuss, no hassle, it just works. I've been so impressed with my Bosch laundry appliances that I will definitely consider Bosch whenever I need any new appliances. (The model number of mine is actually WFVC5400UC, not WFVC5440UC. I assume the title of this product as entered by Viewpoints has a typo.) Energy Efficiency This is the first washing machine I've ever personally owned in my own home, so I don't really have anything to compare to. Cleaning Time The cycles I usually use take about an hour and a half. That includes about a half hour that is added when the stain removal and eco-action settings are enabled.

Louisville, KY


Cleaner clothes with the Bosch front loader


We've had two front load washers in the past 12 years, and by far the best has been our Bosch WFVC5440UC. The clothes are cleaner than with any washer I've ever owned, and I use half the amount of detergent as before (per Bosch's recommendation). Because of the tilted drum, the machine also uses much less water, saving us in the long run. We noticed a siginificant financial savings for our investment, both in water and electric usage within the first three months of purchasing. Our pet peeve with the machine are that the detergent dispenser gets "gummed up" with fabric softener every month or so and requires a very good scrubbing, inside and out. The Bosch spins the clothes to a damp dry - if you don't want to use the dryer for every item, this is a bonus, as you can shake out the clothing and hang to dry. We like that there are multiple choices for the washer, so delicates and hand wash can be used for some, sanitary for towels and such, and numerous cotton or perm press settings for everything else. The Bosch front loader has been a solid washing machine for our family.

Phoenix, AZ


Bosch Vision 500 Series Front Load Washer

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