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Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer

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Fantastic, powerful mixer!


I love my Bosch mixer. It's easy to use, intuitive, and yet powerful. It's very versatile, and can handle pretty much anything I throw at it. It really makes my baking and cooking so much easier. I make cookies (really thick dough) and I love that my Bosch can handle it--a bunch of mixers can't. Basically, I know that I can mix anything and my Bosch can handle it. It's easy to wash the bowl and things too, which makes clean up really easy. Mixing Performance It mixes everything! Sometimes it struggles a bit, but it always mixes things really well. It's so nice. Ease of Cleaning The bowl comes off, and I wash it by hand. I just wipe down the actual mixer with a washcloth and voila, clean! Ease of Use It's so easy! pop it on and you're good to go. Design I like the design; its functional and it works. Durability Mine has lasted for years, with lots of kids using it, so its pretty durable.


College Park, MD


It's okay


Overall I think this is a pretty ok mixer. It mixes well and can take a lot. It lasts forever. This mixer can also take thick and heavy loads. It can mix bread dough very well too as well as thick cookie batter. It only has a few speeds which is okay as it still mixes well. I do have several issues with this mixer. I hate that there is a post thing in the middle of the bowl. It makes it difficult to not only clean but also to scrape to mix everything really well. It can be a huge pain to deal with. I also don't like the guard on the top so stuff doesn't fly out of the bowl. You have to keep taking off and putting it on while you are mixing if you want to do a good job by scraping the bowl and adding ingredients. If you don't have it on you make a huge mess so it has to be on there. There are also a lot of attachments you have to keep track of which is annoying. I've since gotten a kitchen aid and it works SO much better. I would not recommend this mixer.


Eugene, OR


High quality, durable, versatile kitchen appliance.


I've had my Bosch Universal Mixer for almost 20 years and it's my favorite kitchen appliance. The mixer can easily handle 4 loaves of bread or double batches of cookies. The grater/slicer attachment works well. I can slice or grate 6 potatoes in just 1 or 2 minutes - I've never timed it, I just know it's quick and no scraped knuckles. The wheat grinder works well and is easy to clean. I do cover the end of the wheat grinder and my bowl with a towel to prevent flour dust from flying. The blender out performs any other blender I've used - no problem crushing ice for my smoothies. I have found the attachments easy to attach, use and clean. I don't use my Bosch for beating cream, egg whites, or cakes because it beats the air out. I understand the whisk assembly does those jobs well - it's next on my wish list. I keep my Bosch on my counter since I use it almost every day.




This machine is AMAZING!!!


I absolutely love my Bosch mixer!  The Bosch has a monster of a motor and this machine is virtually indestructable.  I had never heard about the Bosch mixer until I married into a Bosch-loving family that swears by these machines.  After using one in conjuction with the KitchenAid mixer, I can see why!  The Bosch is comparably priced to the KitchenAid, but has more than twice the power of the KitchenAid model that is around the same price, the mixing bowl holds a lot more than that of the KitchenAid, and the motor runs FOREVER!  There are several hand-me-down Bosch mixers in my husband's family that are 30+ years old that run as good as my new one.  In fact, one of these 30+ yr. old machines was the one I used in conjunction w/ the new KitchenAid, and the KitchenAid was outperformed!  The only complaint that I have (which is pretty minor) is that the motor is so powerful that this machine will walk off the counter if you're not around to babysit it.  Aside from that, it's an excellent purchase.  The attachments work great (I have the wheat grinder and oat roller attachments) and I really couldn't be happier with the quality.  The Bosch isn't pretty like the KitchenAid, but if you're a serious cook  you'll definitely want this machine!


Caldwell, ID


best bread mixer around


When I purchased my Bosch I wondered if I made the right decision. It is an investment and I had went round and round debating buying it or a Kitchenaid. I love what a work horse it is, mixing even large batches od whole wheat bread. But I still kept wondering if I should have gotten one of those pretty colored Kitchenaids. But then I went to visit my daughter and tried to make a bread recipe from a popular recipe magazine using her Kitchenaid. It could not handle it at all. I ended up taking it out and kneading it by hand. Keep in mind this was a white flour recipe, not a double batch either. So I am now content in my purchase of the plain Bosch instead of the pretty Kitchenaid.


Hamilton, MI


Greatest kitchen tool for all your cooking needs!


I have always been a fan of the Bosch name.  My mother has a similar product that she has been using for the last 25 years and is still going strong.  I bought mine not long after I got married because I realized the ease it had created when cooking and baking while growing up.  This machine is so universal.  Even just with its basic accessories, this machine can help with mixing, whipping, and kneading bread dough with the greatest of ease.  There are also a variety of attatchements available such as a blender or slicer to help with other kitchen-related tasks.   The motor strength is amazing and makes bread making a breeze.  It is also very user friendly and very easy to clean.  The bowl unlocks from the base very easily and makes it so you can move it around your kitchen or put it in the dishwasher when you are through.  I would be lost without it in my kitchen because I use it for so many things.  It is a great for any homemaker.


Cedar City, UT


I'll never LIVE without my BOSCH! :)


I've been married for 4 years. Prior to those 4 years my cooking consisted of college-food. Ramen, frozen burritos, you name it. My life has changed so much in regards to my activity in the kitchen. The Bosch 3-Speed Universal Kitch Machine has made it SO much more possible for me to be successful. Here are a few great things about the Bosch: The chord wraps up nicely in the back. I live that it looks tidy when it's not in use. The bowl is the perfect size, even if you're doubling recipes. I have a Pumpkin Cookie recipe that makes well over 100 cookies, and it fits just fine. Love it! The blender is strong, easy to clean, and efficient in it's work. Shakes, sauces, puree - it rocks! I love that even when the rim is on the bowl, it's easy to add ingredients while it's mixing. That was the BIGGEST issue with my Kitchenaid. The Bosch has this covered. The overall machine just feels solid. I've only had mine for 4 years - but I hear wonders about how long these last - even 20 years!!


Glendale, AZ


Couldn't live without my Bosch


For several years my Christmas list included a Kitchenaid Stand MIxer and alas there was never one under the tree for me. Then one year I received a Bosch 3-speed Universal Kitchen Machine. I haven't thought about getting a Kitchenaid since. I love my Bosch. I bake a lot and bread is one of my favorites. I love that I can throw the ingredients in the bowl and Bosch does that work for me. I can make double batches of bread, roll or cookie dough in it. It is so powerful and yet not so noisy that you dread turning it on. It is very versatile and I not only use it for bread and baking but you can actually shred cooked meat in it . These are great for casseroles and my favorite...pulled pork. No more shredding with two forks ever again. It is easy to use and clean up. The cylinder in the middle was not one of my favorite features; however, it has some many other great qualities that I am willing to over look that. You do have to watch it once you get a good amount of stuff in it as it will walk right off the counter. This happened once to me and the Bosch hit the floor. It is of such good quality that it took a "licken' and still kept tickin' "


Elgin, OR


Bosch is great quality and amazing


I was given a Bosch mixer several years ago after hearing many friends rave about how awesome it was for making bread and cookies. So as soon as I received it, I took it out and read how to use it and proceded to make my own bread. I was amazed out how easy it was to use and at the amount of dough that fit in the bowl! It IS truly amazing. I also have a Kitchen Aid but I do prefer my Bosch for larger batch items. Sometimes I have both mixers out on the counter together working on two things at once. I love that the Bosch has the clear lid to keep things contained and it is super easy to clean too. I would like to get the blender attachment that will work on my Universal Bosch as I have heard it is just as awesome too. I would even recommend the Bosch Universal over a bread machine because I can make many different things and it does it all but throw it in the pan for me. It is hard to find good quality kitchen items but I have been quite pleased with the quality of this Bosch mixer.


Owasso, OK


Just not for me


My husband's greatest weakness is the freshly homemade bread, pizza dough, etc that his mom made almost daily as he was growing up--with the use of her bosch universal mixer. I was raised with my mom's preference of a kitchen aid mixer. I consider myself to be an expert cook, and my preference is baking, but bread has always been difficult for me. My generous husband decided to buy me a bosch universal mixer as a gift so I could improve my bread making, and because he assumed that this mixer's powerful motor made it superior to the kitchen aid. As it turns out, I am the only person I know who still cannot successfully make bread, even with this bosch. (instead i use my bread machine to do the mixing, then transfer the dough and bake my loaf in the oven). I find it to be a poor choice for most baking. This machine's motor is too powerful for everyday baking and produces tough cookies. I am also displeased with the blender's performance. And the machine is difficult to scrape during use because of the drive shaft in the middle of the bowl--I have to stop the machine and scrape with the spatula several times while mixing a cake batter or whipping cream.


Riverton, UT


Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer

4.5 24