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Front Load Washers
Bosch Nexxt Series Front Load Washer

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Junk don't waste your money!


Wash cycle loooong takes over an hour and clothes are a wrinkled mess. Screws too tight on w/d causing large cracks in plastic on top front of each (where all the dials and buttons are). Not sure how much longer it will hold together. Terrible product. Poor design, junk...

Louisville KY


not a reliable machine


Our Bosch nexxt 100 series washer is very unreliable, as this is the second one in 2 years to fail. The latch mechanism seems to be failing, it will show it is not locked and will obviously not operate with it unlocked. made very sure it is loaded properly and the correct High effeciency soap is used. I cannot recommend this product, but lowes has stood behind their warranty on this piece of junk. Hopefully when we call lowes tomorrow they will replace this with a toploader as I do not trust frontloaders after this. this washer only lasted about 9 months, the last toploader I had lasted about 9 years, sure they use more water but relaibility is much more important than high effeciency. I will save the earth by keeping crappy washing machines from filling landfills.

Concrete, WA


Best washer i ever owned, hands down.


I love this washer so much. This Boshe washing machine is very efficient. It is high efficiency. It uses very little water, very little soap and I hope/think very little power. It is a front loader. When I first used this washer, I was used to a top loader. I used the soap I always used and notice a lot of bubbles in the machine. It is nice the door has a window to watch your laundry. I soon learned that I must used HE laundry detergent in an HE washer. Oh well, an easy fix. When it is spinning, it does sound like an airplane taking off. But, it is not loud at all. I have a laundry room, but this washer would be fine in a hall closet. My kids have dropped things on the knobs and everthing has held up quite well. One knob is slightly chipped. I also ordered the door hinge assembly to open the door the other way. My washer and dryer face each other and I wanted to be able to throw the laundry directly to the dryer from the washer. Love this washing machine.

Liberty, SC


very disappointing


I bought this about three years ago and have not been pleased at all. On a good note they did replace the door because the plastic on the front had broken within the first year. After that it made so much noise during the cycles we could hardly stand it. After checking balance and such we accidentally found that the noise was because of the shaking of the plastic on the front. I have taped it and it is not a pretty site but it does sound much quieter. The next problem was a horrible smell!!! After checking online I found that something could be wedged where the drain is causing it not to drain properly. I checked that , and sure enough that was the problem. I thank the online person for telling how to get to that part b/c Bosch says very little in its owner's manual. Now it stops in the middle of the cycle and beeps three times (slowly). Can I find what that means in the owner's manual...NO!!!! Can I go to the Bosch website and get help...not as of yet. I will never by another Bosch and probable never buy another front washer.

Seminole, OK


Bosch Nexxt 100 washer saves water by NOT rinsing well.


DOES NOT rinse well, leaves detergent traces in laundry. We use a small amount of dilute Tide Free HE, then run a second no soap at all time with a white vinegar rinse.  Use only hot water to aid in rinsing. We always use the enhanced rinse. Clean the machine with bleach only "scour run".   We even have tried adding extra hot water to the machine (pouring 2 gallons down the detergent bin). Still have skin problems (contact dermatitis).  Something is really not right - poor design or software.  This machine should NOT be on the market.

Rogers, MN


Nexxt 100 is waste of money. Control panel on back order 3 month


I bought the nexxt 100 just over 3 yrs old. The control panel went (it won't spin). Its on back order until Xmas. I've been told "Bosch stands by its product". I have yet to experience that. Its been a month and I still don't have a washer. I feel a recall coming on. Please don't waste your hard earned money. Learn from me, don't buy Bosch.

Tewksbury, MA


Love the large load capacity, but has a little upkeep involved


I bought my washer in April, 2009, so I've been using it for over a year. I love the large load capacity and the fact that you don't need as much soap. (That really is a saving!) I have a husband and 2 kids who change their clothes 3 times a day sometimes because of acitivites, so my washer is always running. This washer really does get the clothes clean! I don't like the front load because you can't add one more item after the door is in locked position. If you purchase this washer, be sure you keep some clorox wipes handy because you need to wipe down the rubber rim that seals the door closed. If you don't, it will get moldy. Not a big deal and it only takes a second, but it is necessary! Be sure you follow the directions for the amount of soap to use or the washer will take forever to finish the cycle. It will keep rinsing and rinsing until the soap is gone! I love the hand washing cycle. Works great on delicates. I don't handwash anything in the sink anymore!

Chicago Heights, IL


painfully slow and inefficient!


We purchased this machine based on reputation of Bosch. It takes hours to complete a wash cycle and I have been very disappointed with the cleanliness of the items upon completion. The machine uses very little water which is rather unsanitary and if anything with an odour is in the wash all the laundry comes out smelling like that. Also, unable to soak laundry in bleach which as a mom with 3 young children all active in sports this is a real nuisance. We may be saving modestly on our hot water bill however considering the wash cycle averages 21/2 hours I would guess we are using a lot more electricity that a standard machine that completes a load in less than an hour and with a family that machine is basically running all day just to complete the daily loads. If you do cold water washing then who needs the ridiculously long wait! If you are considering buying this machine for cost savings I would do so with caution! If you are just looking for a good washing machine I would suggest you keep looking!

Schenectady, NY


Works great -- most of the time.


We've had our Bosch Nexxt 100 series washer for about 2 and a half years.  It still runs beautifully, still gets our clothes clean, and I am not in the market for a new washer anytime soon (hopefully).  It's not perfect, however.  I have to leave the door propped open to prevent a moldy odor from growing inside the tub, and I rarely think to close it when the tub is thoroughly dry.  It's basically left open 24/7 except when I am washing a new load.  Even leaving it open, however, sometimes I catch a whiff of something sour emanating from the washer. Another problem is that occasionally, the spin cycle does not leave the clothes wrung out enough to go into the dryer. They're left much too soaked, and I have to leave them in for an extra spin cycle before I can transfer them to the dryer.  This only started happening within the past four months, and it's happened about three or four times that I can recall. I do like how clean my clothes come out the washer, and I love that the front-loader uses less water than our previous top-loading unit.  I'm not crazy about the price for HE detergents, but I hope that the cost of it is balanced by the savings in water and electrical use.  An extra bonus: My 11 month old son loves watching this washer work!

Russellville, AR


Bosch Nexxt 100 washer is great for large families


We have been using the Bosch Nexxt 100 series washer for about 3 years now. It is great for large families. I especially like the beep reminder when it is time to switch loads as it keeps me on task with my busy life homeschooling 4 kids. The only complaint I have is common is all front loaders and that is the "smelly washer syndrome". If a load is left in overnight, it smells like mold. We found a product called "Smelly Washer" that helps with that problem. Overall, I am well-pleased with my Bosch Nexxt 100 series washer.

Woodstock Valley, CT


Bosch Nexxt Series Front Load Washer

2.3 11