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Front Load Washers
Bosch Nexxt Premium Series Front Load Washer

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I would never buy this!


As a housekeeper, I use this every day . It often does not spin water out and I have to run two spin cycles. It takes in access of two hours for a heavy warm water load, such as towels. It's a time waster and breaks easily. I hate this machine.

Macon, Georgia


Love the washer - easy on the soap


My husband and i purchased this washer about 3 years ago when we built out home.  So far I still love it but have had a few snags and "lessons learned" along the way.  The first one was that we learned the hard way about putting too much soap in. With these washers the normail recommended amount of soap for a load of wash is way too much.  We didn't have an overflow problem or anything, but did notice that it was taking almost 2-3 hours at time to run a load of laundrt. So we called the rapair man out and he explained that ther was actually nothing wrong w/ the washer, it was just that we were using too much soap and so the washer was overcompenstation time was because it had to run more water through a few additional times to get the extra soap out. The other problem we had was the rubber lining came out one time.  Luckily my husband is very good at fixing things so he was able to fix this but for others it could have been a costly repait. Besides these 2 things i am thrilled w/ the washer.  It cleans the clothes wonderfully and the spin cycle is strong enough so most of your clothes don't require too much dryer time.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Bosch front load washer saves you money in more ways than one.


My previous washing machine was not a front loader, and I knew that when the time came to replace my existing washer it would be with a front loader machine. That day came unexpectedly as they usually do. So we went to our local appliance store where we knew we could find several of the name brands on the market today. We were surprised at the number of brands and the features that they offered. After comparing several brands we narrowed our choices down somewhat and that made finding the Bosch Nexxt Premium WFMC6400UC Front Load Washer stand out above the rest . You see I do a lot of hand-wash and not all of the models offered that feature. It works so well that I use it all the time. It is so gentle on my clothing, yet it removes any dirt from the wash. There are three water temperatures to use, and I always use cold water. With today's detergents there is not any need to use another temperature. Plus there is the added advantage of saving on my electric bill. Front load washing machines also use less water, so I get a double savings with my water bill. When I need to use another cycle I have plenty of options to choose from. Permanent Press in cold, warm, or hot water is great to use when I wash something that I don't want to get it wrinkled. This cycle is terrific for dress shirts and dresses. I run them on this cycle, then put them in the dryer, and remove them with very few if any wrinkles, and no need to do any ironing. The delicate cycle works magic on items that need that extra special care to be washed. I use this cycle for items that sometimes call for dry-cleaning only. I have found that I can wash many items in my front load washing machine that I would have otherwise taken to the dry-cleaner. This has been a tremendous saving for me and my family. My Bosch washer has a wool cycle on it, that is not found on all brands. This is really a great feature for washing my wool items in. The active wear feature is a life saver for anyone who has someone in their family (like my husband) who is constantly making active wear clothing really super dirty. He constantly has something on his jacket or outside cover-ups. I really find the sanitary cycle to be one of the best features on a washer if you have small children in diapers. You can put the diapers in the washer on this cycle knowing that whatever bacteria and dirt that are still on the diaper will be completely gone when the wash cycle is finished. I have not had much use for this cycle yet, as I am still waiting to become a grandparent and get to wash diapers again. I use the regular/cotton cycle for any other wash that I have that does not need special attention. It can we washed in cold, warm, or hot water, but I use cold water for energy reasons and my wash is perfectly clean. There is and extra spin and rinse cycle if I feel that I need to use them for any reason. I have used the extra spin to get out excess water out of heavy loads sometimes. There is also a drain cycle to use if ever my washing machine does not drain on its own. One of the main reasons I decided on the Bosch was the features it offered, but it is also very quiet to run. I live in a single story house with the laundry room right off the great room and the kitchen. I am glad that I can run my washer and be in the great room listening to television at the same time. The washer is very quiet. When I am talking on the phone you hardly hear it running. Another thing I like about my front load Bosch is that it is much easier to get the wash in and out of. I have back problems, making bending hard to due. With my Bosch front load washer I do not have that problem any more.All I have to do is reach in with my wash and its ready to go, and I just pull it out of the washer when it is finished. No bending required. They even have a solution for people who may be taller in height. They have a storage box that fits under the washer which makes the washing machine sit a little higher off the floor. There is a drawer in the bottom that you can store your laundry products in, making it a convenience for you to have your detergent right there at your washing machine. I no longer have to reach up into the washing machine to put my wash in and to get it out. The Bosch front load washer is very attractive looking and comes in colors. I have mine in white and I just love it. I could not be happier with my Bosch front load washer. It is everything that I was hoping it would be when I made the decision to purchase it. And I just knew that when the time came to replace my dryer It would be with a matching Bosch front load dryer. Which of-course  came sooner rather than later.

Tucson, AZ


Bosch Nexxt Premium Series Front Load Washer

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