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Front Load Washers
Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series Front Load Washer

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Quiet, Energy Efficient, Very Clean Laundry, Highly Recommended


I have my Bosch washer and dryer for 3 year now. Both are very quiet, and energy efficient. Washer uses minimum amount of water, and cloths come out very clean. I especially like the extra sanitary cycle. I don't have any problems with moldy smell. I don't lock the washer door after a cycle, and there is a small drainage system in the robber part. In fact, I was doing laundry at my sister 's house and she has another brand front load machine (very well review, and her washer is 2 y/o) and the moldy smell was really bad. The only complain I have is that there is no extra spinning cycle. I agree with other reviews that it would be helpful. I do one or two garments on hand cycle with no problems. However, if you put towels or heavy stuff at times it do not balance properly, and you need to run through 15 min refresh cycle just to spin. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this washer and dryer and would purchase Bosch again.

San Diego, CA


German engineering at its worst.


To have a nice machine like this require service in just over two years is unheard of. The rotating dial(cheap plastic) stripped out completely which left us dead in the water over the weekend. Repairman came out Monday and and had a hard time getting into it and finding the problem. Had to order the complete control panel. I paid extra shipping to get it fixed asap. He came back out and fixed it only to find the control board is bad also, and they had the part but could not come back until the next day. This turned into one major inconvenience for me and my family as this occurred late Friday afternoon and could not get help until the following Monday. It is the following Friday as I write this and I'm still waiting for the repair guy with the control board. For the expense of this machine I feel this is sad by using such cheap parts. I always am willing to spend a little more for a better product, but I was taken on this Bosch washer this time. Be weary of Bosch, they sure left me down.

Westerville, OH


I probably would not purchase another Bosch front load washer.


The Bosch front load washing machine does a good job of getting your clothes clean. It doesn't use a lot of water and has an extra spin cycle on it so your clothes do not take long to dry.  I have had mine for about 2 years and probably about 6 months after I got it mold started to form on the rubber inside the door.  It is hard to keep clean and it smells.  Sometime I can smell it on the clothes.  I clean it regularly and leave the door open a lot to let it air and this helps. The design of the washer is nice. I probably would not recommend it unless they have addressed the mold problem.

Humboldt, TN


great overall machine


We bought our Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus WFMC5301UC Front Load Washer about a year ago when our old top loader started putting lint on all our clothes. This washer was on sale at a local store and my husband knew and liked the Bosch name so we took the deal. The washer was easy to install and looks great in the laundry room. It washes clothes very well with very little water usage. It has a digital timer on it that counts down how much time you have until the load is done. The timer is always wrong though. Sometimes it will say it has two minutes left and it takes ten to finish. It also has a series of beeps when the load is done and if you don'[t go and open the door or turn off the machine, it will beep for about 30 minutes. The last thing that I really don't like about it is that it has a rubber seal in the front and it acts as a trap for little things like wash clothes and socks. They will get stuck in the seal and not spin out so they have to be rewashed. Overall, the machine is a very decent on and does a good job. ****

Moriarty, NM


wringing wet - how could they forget an important feature


Too many times I have run my load of laundry in my Bosch washing machine and it is soaking wet at the end of the cycle.  I have discovered that there was not enough weight in the machine to register a spin cycle.  But the machine has no "spin cycle" feature.  Instead I have to run it through again in the "refresh" cycle and still most of the time the load did not spin dry.  Either I have to add towels to the load to add weight and run it again or I bring my wet laundry to may neighbors and use her spin cycle on her old machine.  BAD DESIGN BOSCH.  The repair man has come out several times due to a bad pump.  He even said that the machine should also have a emergency drain feature. BAD DESIGN BOSCH.  I feel stuck with a machine I'm not happy with.  I never dreamed of asking the salesman if it had a spin feature.  I just assumed all washing machines would.

Overland Park, KS


Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series Front Load Washer

3.4 5